Hillary, White House Coordinated Amnesty Response in 2014

White House officials and Clinton campaign strategists colluded in 2014 on how to handle President Obama’s then-impending executive orders on immigration. 2016’s version of Hillary Clinton is all for amnesty, but she was walking a much more cautious line two years ago when Obama was gearing up to make his post-midterm announcement.

One day before the order, White House Communications Director Jen Palmieri – now Clinton’s communications director – is said to have coordinated closely with the fledgling campaign. From WikiLeaks, we see Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill writing to the rest of the top staff:

“Just heard back from the WH,” he wrote. “Jen Palmieri is going to call me to go over stuff, and mentioned that John [Podesta] is supposed to be calling HRC this afternoon to go through the plan, so it would be good if when he did we were synced up with him on approach.”

Later that day, Hillary emailed her inner circle. “I want to release [a statement] right after POTUS announces,” she wrote. “Can you get info from WH that will help us?”

That statement was apparently a matter of some controversy inside the Clinton camp. Knowing that Obama’s amnesty would be unpopular on both the right and the hard left, her aides warned against taking too enthusiastic of a stance. Unveiling a draft of the statement, Clinton speechwriter Dan Schwerin explained that he tried to ride the fence.

“I’ve tried here to express support for POTUS without getting bogged down in the details of what is sure to be an unpopular measure, seen as both too much and too little,” Schwerin wrote.

In the two years since, Hillary has gotten more comfortable expressing unreserved support for widespread amnesty, but she still hasn’t revealed to the American people any details about how she would secure the border.

“My priorities are to deport violent criminals, terrorists, and anyone who threatens our safety,” Hillary said in the primaries. “So I do not have the same policy as the current administration does. I think it’s important that we move to a comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the raids, stop the roundups, stop the deporting of the people who are living here, doing their lives, doing their jobs, and that’s my priority.”

In other words, if you are an illegal immigrant without a serious felony on your rap sheet, you’ll have nothing to worry about from President Hillary Clinton. And since she has no concrete (or even vague) plans on how to limit illegal immigration from here on out, this is the first step towards open borders.

American immigration policy will essentially become: If you can get here, you can stay here.

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