Hillary’s Fairy Tale Might Have a Twist Ending

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful – no, that’s not right, hold on.

Once upon a time, there was a, er, stately-looking princess who was bright, clever, and driven by the ambitions of a thousand suns. Her powerlust desire to serve the public good was boundless; simply advising the king did not quench that thirst for glory societal progress. She set out to become Queen of the Realm herself, leaving her past behind for the golden throne that had always been her destiny.

Alas, the princess’s past was not ready to be left behind.

Messages sent during her time as Secretary of Kingdom were coming back to haunt her! She’d carefully destroyed all of the ones that could have gotten her in real trouble and she’d already been exonerated by the Knight’s Inquiry…but…


Foolishness had not gotten the princess within a hair’s breadth of the Golden Palace. No, she was where she was for one reason only: her resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness was her greatest strength and her sharpest tool. It had to be, because it was all she had to rely on in the face of her fate. That fate? To be the unluckiest girl to ever walk the streets of the kingdom.

Time after time, the demon known as luck had tried to thwart her destiny. Time after time, she was cast helplessly into situations that caused her to appear guilty of things she didn’t do. Time after time, she was framed. Time after time, she was beset by rumors and innuendo and suspicions.

Ooh, it was enough to drive the princess crazy!

But no, she would remain calm in the face of that demon known as luck (and other times known as the Knight’s Republicans). She would keep her head. She had destroyed the messages.


But there were other copies. Yes. That was the “but.”

Those emails had senders and receivers, not all of whom belonged to the princess’s inner circle. She’d made promises in exchange for their silence, but you could never tell if those promises would be enough. Beyond trustworthiness, there was common carelessness. Even amongst her closest allies, someone might have overlooked a dangerous message or two before turning their correspondence archives over to the law. Those archives would be released to the public eventually.

The princess wasn’t concerned about the King’s Justice Officers. Fearing the golden-haired outsider who threatened everything the Higher Citizens of the Realm had built, the current monarchy was more than willing to turn a blind eye to impropriety.

No, it was the peasants she worried about. As sad as it was to see in the modern era, the kingdom still allowed the Lesser Citizens of the Realm to choose their own rulers. Worse, the peasants actually considered themselves worthy of that honor. Worst of all, many of them believed themselves capable of standing in judgement of HER! As if their feeble minds could ever understand the complexities of the kingdom’s politics. As if any of them knew what was really good for them.

But without their support, she could not lead them to pastures fit for their sheepish constitutions.

As the princess turned these troubles over in her head, she had a terrible thought for the first time in her life.

What if, after all this, she wasn’t headed for a happy ending after all?

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