Hillary’s Scot-Free Getaway Could be the Last Straw

Our nation’s rule of law absorbed a painful blow last week when FBI Director James Comey announced that he was letting Hillary Clinton off the hook. No, this was not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last time, that a member of a country’s ruling class was treated to a special kind of justice unavailable to the rest of us. America’s history, nay, human history is filled with a million examples of this obvious chicanery. This one was more obvious than most, but why should that be surprising? Modern Democrats do not have much respect for the intelligence of the average American, as they have made clear time and again.

Stripped out of context, this latest travesty would be no worse than many others that have faded from memory.

In context, however, this could turn out to be one of those blockbuster turning points that change the course of history.

Let’s look at the fallout from Tuesday’s announcement. Let’s look at the media coverage. For the first time in a very, very long time, we are watching liberal pundits on cable news talk about a Democrat the way they always talk about Republicans. Yes, they are tempering it with frequent attacks on Donald Trump, frequent criticisms of Republicans, and frequent pro-Hillary non sequiturs, but they aren’t pretending like this is just a conservative witch-hunt, either. Director Comey left no doubt about one thing: Hillary Clinton has been lying to the American people. The liberal media has gotten good at ignoring the facts, but they can’t ignore something this blatant.

In other words, this isn’t one of those things where, unless you watch Fox News, you have a completely one-sided view of the issue. Liberals, conservatives, and non-partisans alike are getting the same story. No MSNBC host is going to say the FBI got it wrong, of course, but only Clinton, her surrogates, and the very, very dumb can possibly think anything else. It’s too obvious. Comey himself basically laid out a very clear case for prosecution before concluding that she was, legally speaking, innocent. No willful intent, yo. No willful intent.

Cool. Except that’s not the standard.

Okay, so only optimistic conservatives thought she was going to serve time. Yes, the evidence appeared to be clear. No, that was not a realistic hope to keep alive. They weren’t going to throw the election, law or no law.

But really? No charges at all? No recommendation, even? Not even one token charge, a quick prosecution, and a fine? If Hillary Clinton gets busted running a stop sign tomorrow, she’ll pay a bigger penalty than she will for putting our national secrets in jeopardy. Even her die-hard supporters have to admit there’s something just a teensy bit wrong with that.

Hillary Clinton probably had a big glass of wine Tuesday night and celebrated her, ahem, good fortune. That celebration may have been premature.

If you wanted to script it out, you could have hardly done a better job. In one corner, Donald Trump, who has become the most astounding political figure in modern memory on issues that have galvanized the American people. Issues like globalization, corruption, and a political system rigged against the public.

In the other, you have Crooked Hillary Clinton, one of the least trusted politicians in America, a symbol of globalization, the embodiment of corruption, and a member of one of the same three families that have occupied the White House since 1988.

Any screenwriter would stop there, because to go further would strain belief.

But in real life, the cherry on top of all this is seeing Crooked Hillary graciously exonerated, giving us a stunning glimpse at the rigged system that Trump has been talking about.

Who knows? Maybe this will all be forgotten by November.

Then again, this might be the soft gust of wind that topples the establishment’s swaying, unstable house of cards.


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