Holier-Than-Thou California Adds Four States to LGBT Travel Ban

By the time California finishes banning their state employees from traveling to states that have “discriminatory” LGBT policies on their books, they’ll be so isolated from the rest of the country that the much-ballyhooed secession movement will be little more than a rubber stamp. But we’d expect nothing less than this kind of lunacy from the Left Coast, where matters of “social justice” have blinded liberals to anything other than achieving whatever moral superiority they imagine they possess. If it means tanking their economy, condemning their citizens to live in fear of constant crime, or even breaking away from the United States, it’s all worth it if it means distancing themselves from the conservative values that have governed this great country since its founding.

Last week, the state’s overzealous attorney general, Xavier Becerra, announced that he was adding four new states – Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas – to a travel restriction list that already includes Mississippi, North Carolina, Kansas, and Tennessee. At a San Francisco press conference, Becerra said that the ban would prevent any state government-funded travel to these states as well as the expenditure of any California tax dollars in those states.

“We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate,” said the pious attorney general.

Becerra proclaimed that the newly-banned states had all recently passed laws that represented the “scourge of discrimination” against gays, lesbians, transgenders, and whatever else is included in the LGBTQIBGHJSDWO…[infinity] acronym. These laws include a Texas statute that allows faith-based adoption agencies to reject gay parents when determining who gets to be a client.

“Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights,” Becerra said in a statement. “Sadly, that is not the case in all parts of our nation, even in the 21st century. I am announcing today that I am adding four states to the list of states where California-funded or sponsored travel will be restricted on account of the discriminatory nature of laws enacted by those states.”

Becerra, based on a law that was passed last year, is fully within his rights to add states to the so-called travel ban. And California, as a sovereign state, is fully within their rights to pursue this kind of economic retaliation against states that don’t conform to their liberal “values.” So, from a legal perspective, we have no problem with this.

But from any other perspective, it’s utterly pathetic. California has nothing better to do than to go on a nationwide crusade against the laws that residents of North Carolina, Texas, and elsewhere support? What would California do if those states decided to ban travel to their liberal wasteland because they don’t want their state employees to get shot by an illegal immigrant? How far are we going to take this?

The beauty of strong federalism – a concept California loves when they are creating “sanctuaries” for Mexicans and hates when other states pass religious freedom bills – is that not everyone in the country has to abide by the exact same norms and values. Maybe California should worry more about the problems in their own backyard – the businesses, for instance, that are fleeing for tax-friendly havens across the country – and less about what’s going on in Kansas.

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