House Democrats Pass Joke of a Bill Granting Amnesty to Dreamers

House Democrats have absolutely no intention of actually getting something done about illegal immigration. They are content to sit, watch, and criticize from the sidelines while their collective inaction leads to an ever-worsening crisis at the southern border. Oh, it’s so terrible what Trump hath wrought upon these poor, poor refugees. Oh, it’s so reckless to impose tariffs on Mexico. Oh, the humanity. And yet, when it comes time to sit at the table and work out some solutions, they’re nowhere to be found.

Correction: They can be found over in the House, passing joke legislation that would legalize two million illegal aliens.

On Tuesday, the Democrats passed the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, a bill that has approximately 0.0% chance of going anywhere in the Senate. Indeed, were it not for their clear majority in the House, it wouldn’t have even passed there, seeing as how almost no Republicans voted for this nonsense. Under the bill, illegal immigrants would get ten years of legal residence status if they live up to certain criteria. If they run out that time without further trouble, work for three years, or get a couple of years of college or military service under their belts, they can basically stay forever.

“This is legislation that is consistent with who we are as Americans, as an aspirational people, as a nation of immigrants, and as a place where people can come to pursue the American Dream,” said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY).

And in quite a silly statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should have no problem bringing the bill to a vote.

“There should be nothing partisan or political about this legislation,” Pelosi said, ridiculously. “We are proud to pass it, we hope, in a bipartisan way.”

How about nah.

“Democrats are proposing the bill as Trump and Republicans argue that more needs to be done to address the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, underscoring that the parties are approaching the issue of immigration overhaul from markedly different perspectives,” reported the Washington Post.

Well, you can’t say that Post writers lack the gift of understatement, now can you? Democrats think the real crisis of illegal immigration is that there is any such category as “illegal immigrant.” To them, this whole problem can be solved by simply welcoming every ragged Central American into this country, gifting them some form of quasi-citizenship, and dusting off our hands. Republicans (to one extent or another) actually want to stop the flow of illegals across the border. Well, Trump does, anyway.

God knows what the point of this phony legislation is, but if it’s meant to draw a sharp contrast between Democrats and Republicans, we’re all for it. Americans ought to know where both parties stand on immigration. We’re very confident in our side’s ability to win that debate.

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