HuffPost: Media Causing Muslims to Become Islamophobic

We know the left will go to extraordinary lengths to protect the beautiful, precious, blameless Muslim religion from bearing any blame for the terrorism that so often flies its flag, but the Huffington Post has officially sunk to a new low. Citing a new study that shows that Muslims are more likely than Christians and Jews to suspect their fellow members of wrongdoing, HuffPo author Rowaida Abdelaziz complains that “negative media coverage” is responsible for causing even Muslims to become Islamophobic.

To be fair, Abdelaziz is drawing a fair interpretation of the study from the report itself, which was conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. The ISPU’s director of research, Dalia Mogahed, wrote: “One of the most important and surprising findings we got in this study was the degree to which Muslims have themselves internalized negative stereotypes about their own community. That does underscore the power of the media and political rhetoric that day in and day out paints a narrative of Muslims in a certain way, that Muslims themselves are not immune to adopting that idea.”

Oh, cool. But…what if it’s not “negative stereotypes” or “the power of the media” or “political rhetoric” that’s causing reasonable Muslims to feel this way? What if it’s just…you know…the facts?

Well, of course that’s an unacceptable conclusion for any leftwing website (or leftwing think tank) to reach, so instead we have to bend over backwards to find other bizarre and hilarious reasons that 30% of Muslims believe members of their faith are “more prone to negative behavior than other people.” Because as we all know, no Muslim has ever done anything wrong, and certainly not in the name of their religion. It’s just never happened.

“The report also found that those who scored higher on the Islamophobia index were associated with greater support for President Donald Trump’s travel bans and increased surveillance of American mosques,” reports Huffington Post. “Those groups were also more likely to accept targeting of civilians by military and violent groups.”

So instead of capitalizing on these developments and using these attitudes to further drive a wedge between Muslims interested in actual reform and Muslims hopelessly lost in fundamentalism, groups like the IPSU think this is a clarion call to get more Islamists in Washington and pressure the media to be more favorable to Islam? What a sad and backwards approach. This is the kind of approach that makes political Islamists (and outright terrorists) salivate with glee. And it’s the kind of approach that makes it nearly impossible to hope that we can drag Islam into the 21st century anytime soon. There are too many forces – Islamic and secular alike – desperate to drag it back.

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