Illegal Immigration Turning Long Island Into War Zone

When you think of illegal immigration, you usually think of places like Florida and Texas, where transplants from Mexico, Central America, and Cuba have built Spanish enclaves inside the United States. But thanks to the Obama administration’s policies on undocumented children, even places like Long Island, NY have become havens of crime and violence.

According to a new report from Fox News, rising gang violence in the New York City neighborhood can be directly traced back to lax immigration policies:

Critics say a combination of federal and local policies is being blamed for rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants, some of whom have committed violent crimes, allowing them to pour into a Long Island, N.Y., neighborhood where four teens have been murdered in recent weeks.

Federal policy that allows Central American children apprehended by Border Patrol to be placed with illegal immigrant sponsors has sent thousands of teens to the region in recent years. While most don’t arrive as hardened gang members, many are placed in homes with little supervision, say critics.

The influx has strengthened a malevolent gang called MS-13, whose members are primarily from El Salvador. The gang, believed to be responsible for the recent murders, enjoys a certain amount of freedom due to Suffolk County’s status as a sanctuary county. The sheriff’s department does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities unless there is a warrant issued.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, nearly 3,500 Central American minors have been relocated to Suffolk County over the last three years. Jessica Vaughan, a spokesperson for CIS, told Fox News that the situation was out of control.

“This influx has strained school systems in many places, and even worse, the lax oversight has enabled criminal gangs, especially MS-13, and trafficking organizations to bring in kids to boost their numbers,” Vaughan said. “The federal agencies and their contractors have failed in their responsibility to ensure the welfare of these kids; in fact, they admit that they have completely lost track of most of these teenagers.”

For too long, we’ve been sold this bill of goods about illegal immigrants being a glorious addition to the United States. Obama and Hillary Clinton have cleverly cherry-picked college-bound kids to showcase, ignoring the dark underbelly of this untenable situation. The reaction to Donald Trump’s “they’re sending rapists, etc.” speech proves that their dreamy vision of illegal immigration is spreading.

It’s not about racism, though. It’s about waking the hell up.


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