In One Night, We Showed That AMERICA Is Still Alive

The cheers. The sighs of relief. The glorious tears.

Emotions were high all across the country on election night when it became clear that despite all the polling and punditry, Donald Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.

And as the networks called the race, it struck many of us how improbable this outcome really seemed. Sure, we were all hoping and praying for the best, but the doubts were palpable. Rigged or not, how could all the polls be so wrong? Were the optimists among us just lying to ourselves? Was it much too late to “make America great again?”

And so the outcome was more than just a triumph. It was a confirmation of our secret, deepest hopes and dreams: That the America we loved so dearly was still alive. That liberal elitists had not destroyed the free soil upon which this great country has grown over the last 240 years. That despite all of the setbacks of the last eight years, there were still millions of us who longed to put the brakes on our slide into mediocrity and our descent into cultural garbage.

The ramifications of our victory – not only electing Trump, but providing him with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress – cannot be overstated. In the next four years, we have a chance to erase the Obama legacy from the history books entirely. We can preserve the Supreme Court and, in doing so, ensure the survival of our most cherished freedoms. We can turn our economy around and put conservative principles to work. We can cut through the nonsense regulations that have choked the life out of our free market.

We all knew the stakes going into this. We knew that this was probably going to be the final chance for us to resurrect the America we love. And it was only when the election returns started coming in that we truly realized how many of our fellow countrymen felt the same way.

God bless this country, and God be with our next president: Donald J. Trump.

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