Insiders Say Impending Mueller Report Will Be an Anticlimactic Dud

Help us, Robert Mueller, you’re our only hope.

That’s been the unspoken mantra of the left for at least a year now, a collection of nervous Princess Leias, blindly putting their faith in a special counsel investigator who will surely – SURELY – be the man to slice President Donald Trump down with his Lightsaber of Justice. But as hints arrive that Mueller may be ready to turn in his final reports on the matter of Trump/Russia collusion and whether or not the president obstructed justice, Washington insiders are warning Democrats that they may be in for a major letdown.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump’s critics have spent the past 17 months anticipating what some expect will be among the most thrilling events of their lives: special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on Russian 2016 election interference.

They may be in for a disappointment.

That’s the word POLITICO got from defense lawyers working on the Russia probe and more than 15 former government officials with investigation experience spanning Watergate to the 2016 election case. The public, they say, shouldn’t expect a comprehensive and presidency-wrecking account of Kremlin meddling and alleged obstruction of justice by Trump — not to mention an explanation of the myriad subplots that have bedeviled lawmakers, journalists and amateur Mueller sleuths.

Perhaps most unsatisfying: Mueller’s findings may never even see the light of day.

One gets the idea that Politico’s writers will be among those most disappointed by that outcome, which, we have to be honest, gives us a little tingle of joy on this cool October day.

More than that, though, we’re just ready for this whole sad saga in American politics to be over. Say what you will about the disgrace that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that was a normal day in Washington compared to what’s been happening over the last three years within our Justice Department. Rumors, innuendo, and outright political lies have been elevated to the mystical realm of counter-intelligence and special prosecutions. So cloudy have the waters become that we’ve heard otherwise-reasonable pundits say that what Russia did to the U.S. was tantamount to an act of war. That the hacking of the DNC was comparable to 9/11! That’s how absurd it’s gotten. That’s how devastated the Democrats were to see their girl lose to Trump.

There will now be a small window of opportunity for things to return to the sane ground of reason. We’re not holding out a lot of hope that Democrats will seize that opportunity, but once Mueller releases his report and the air goes out of their TRUMP IS A SPY balloon, they will have to at least look for something else to energize the #Resistance.

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