Islam Expert: In UK, It’s “See Something, Say Nothing”

As Islamic terrorism expert Robert Spencer points out in a report this week, there’s reason to be highly skeptical of Britain’s latest so-called crackdown on terrorism.

According to a new article in the UK’s Independent, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu is doing his best to try and put a tough face on a bad situation. He told the paper that he’s interested in recruiting the British people to become “counter-terrorism citizens” for their country. In other words, he’s trying to take a page out of the Bush administration: If you see something, say something.

“People are nervous about police overreacting or about wasting our time, but it’s never a waste of our time,” Basu said. “People are being asked to look out for suspicious behaviour, including possessing weapons, chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reason, carrying out surveillance, having unusual items delivered, expressing extremist ideas or searching for terrorist material online.”

Of course, the problem in Britain isn’t that citizens think they might be overreacting or that the police will laugh at them for reporting something silly. The problem is that Britain (especially London) has made it very clear that certain points of view are no longer tolerable within the borders of the United Kingdom. And one of those points of view is that there is some, you know, vague connection between terrorism and Islam. So if you’re going to report “suspicious behavior” to the police, you’d better make sure the behavior is coming from a lily-white Brit because otherwise you could be held liable for a hate crime.

Of course, Basu knew he was walking on thin ice by asking Brits to be suspicious of potential terrorists, so he made sure to mention to the Independent that, hey, terrorists aren’t just Muslims. “Lone actors on the extreme right are copycatting some of the methodology that has been used by Islamist jihadists around the world,” he said.

Muslims, extreme right…all threats are the same, don’t you know? Of course.

What a crock.

“Basu’s words, and the Independent’s coverage of them, demonstrate that the British government is going all in with its contention that ‘far-right extremists’ are an equivalent threat to that of Islamic jihadis,” Spencer writes. “However, this equivalence is exposed as more propaganda than fact when one recalls that the most prominent people that they smear as ‘far-right extremists,’ including Tommy Robinson, the recently banned Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, as well as Pamela Geller and me, have never called for or condoned any vigilantism or violence; our only crime is opposing jihad terror and Sharia oppression.”

It may be that there is something more dangerous to Britain than Islamic terrorism, but it isn’t the extreme right. It’s political correctness, and it is threatening to condemn a great nation to second-class status within a generation.

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