It’s a Joke for Democrats to Make This All About Obstruction of Justice

The day that Robert Mueller wrapped up his two-year investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election was a bad one for Democrats and their allies in the media. That was the day that their entire conspiracy theory came collapsing down on them like the walls of Jericho. And it didn’t matter if Attorney General William Barr delivered the bad news, Robert Mueller, or the Lord on high, the facts remained the same: No collusion. Say it loud, say it proud: NO. COLLUSION.

Oh, but according to all of the liberal experts in the media, “collusion” was never the game to begin with. That doesn’t even have any meaning in a legal context. That word was invented by President Trump to set Mueller and the rest of his enemies up for failure.

Except you would have to have an IQ of less than 50 and the memory of a disabled slug to believe that. Collusion was the media’s favorite word for months and months and months. It was only when it slowly became evident that there wasn’t any that they started insisting that it was never the standard.

And they accuse TRUMP of gaslighting the public!

But now that the collusion conspiracy is dead and buried, Democrats only want to talk about obstruction of justice.

A few points.

One, it defies the laws of reason and logic to call anything that has gone on in the FBI for the last three years “justice” of any kind. Mueller’s investigation was a witch hunt inspired by rabid Democrats, aggrieved Obama Administration partisans, and the U.S. Deep State behemoth which wants desperately to rid itself of this president. To obstruct THIS investigation is to do the American people a favor.

Two, if President Trump wanted to “obstruct” this investigation, he could have done so in several ways. He could have directly fired Robert Mueller. He could have demanded that his attorney general shut down the investigation. He could have destroyed documents relating to his nonexistent collusion. He could have pressured subordinates and witnesses to lie to the special counsel. He did none of those things. At worst, he told White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller at one point. It never went anywhere. If the President of the United States wants to “obstruct” an investigation carried out by his Justice Department, he has all the tools necessary to do so. The investigation was not obstructed.

Three, let’s talk about what Democrats are actually angry about. They’re angry that, for a few days after William Barr’s summary letter, they lost control of the news cycle. They’re angry that, because they weren’t allowed to spin the Mueller report right out of the gate, millions of Americans will forever be convinced that Trump did no wrong.

Which is, of course, nothing but the truth. That really pisses them off, and they want to make Barr pay for his sins.

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