James Woods: Trump “Loves America More Than Any President In My Lifetime”

Defending President Donald Trump against accusations from former President Obama, who accused the administration of not knowing what they are doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, actor and fierce conservative James Woods said that no matter what else you might have to say about the president, you couldn’t deny his patriotism.

“Let’s fact it, Donald Trump is a rough individual,” Woods tweeted. “He is vain, insensitive, and raw. But he loves America more than any president in my lifetime. He is the last firewall between us and this cesspool called Washington. I’ll take him any day over any of these bums.”

Woods was inspired to take to his Twitter account after Obama criticized the Trump administration in a pair of virtual commencement addresses he delivered from his home on Sunday. In those speeches, Obama said that the pandemic had “finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.”

“A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge,” Obama said.

Responding to Obama’s remarks on Sunday, Trump kept his reply short and sweet.

“Look, he was an incompetent president,” he said. “That’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent.”

When he noticed Woods’ tweet, Trump wrote: “I think that is a great compliment. Thank you James!”

“And indeed it was intended as such, Mr. President,” Woods replied. “Rough men stay the course. Treachery, however, is the most dangerous enemy a leader can face. Even Caesar succumbed to it. Be wary. Stay strong. God bless.”

Trump has faced an unending onslaught of treachery since he first assumed the presidency. First and foremost, it was the Russia hoax. Or Obamagate, if you prefer. Whatever you call it, it was nothing less than the previous administration’s Democrat-aligned Deep State lackeys doing everything in their power to prove that Trump colluded with Moscow. Then, when that failed, they pivoted straight to the ridiculous Ukraine scandal. Only because the Democrats control the House and care not a whit for truth or justice did they manage to secure an impeachment out of that flimsy piece of work. But immediately upon Trump’s exoneration in the Senate, the Democrats turned to the coronavirus, which seemed to give them yet another hammer with which to bludgeon the president.

When and if that fails, we’re sure they’ll come up with some new flight of fancy that plays well on MSNBC and the pages of The New York Times. They will never stop trying to destroy this man, his supporters, and all that we stand for.

May they never succeed.

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