John Lewis, Not Trump, Should Watch His Words

Rep. John Lewis – one step away from having the Capitol Building renamed in his honor, if you go by what the media is writing about him this week – is at fault in this ongoing feud with President-elect Donald Trump. And though he may be protected by every establishment politician in Washington and every media company on the coast, Lewis owes Trump and the American people an apology.

For one thing, it was revealed this week that Lewis’s original contention – that he has never skipped a presidential inauguration – was bunk. News sources proved that he pulled the very same stunt with George W. Bush in 2001, staying in his home district and referring to the president as “illegitimate.” So, it’s clear this was never about Russia; this is about Lewis’s disdain for the Republican Party.

Oh, but Paul Krugman of the New York Times thinks that Lewis is not only a “civil rights icon” – the only acceptable way to refer to him in the mainstream media – but also a true American hero for standing up to Donald Trump.

“Is it O.K., morally and politically, to declare the man about to move into the White House illegitimate?” Krugman asked in his column on Tuesday. “Yes, it is. In fact, it’s an act of patriotism.”

Krugman arrived at this conclusion by asserting that Hillary Clinton “would almost surely have won if the FBI hadn’t conveyed the false impression that it had damaging new information about her, just days before the vote. This was grotesque, delegitimizing malfeasance, especially in contrast with the agency’s refusal to discuss the Russia connection.”

Well, that kind of thing happens when you have a presidential candidate under FBI investigation, doesn’t it? If Hillary had never used a basement homebrew server to conduct the business of the federal government, there would have been no Comey letter in the first place.

To say that Trump’s election is “illegitimate” because Hillary was under FBI scrutiny is preposterous. The problem wasn’t the October letter to Congress; the problem was that she was ever given to us as a viable presidential candidate to begin with. If elected, she would have been the illegitimate one.

But something tells us that John Lewis would have been in Washington to see her sworn in.

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