“Keep America Great”: Trump Kicks off 2020 Re-election Campaign in Orlando

Before a capacity crowd at the Amway Center in Orlando, President Donald Trump made it official: He’s running for a second term, and he’s replacing his iconic 2016 MAGA slogan with the only phrase that he could possibly use.

“We’ve made America great again,” Trump said at the rally on Tuesday, “but how do you give up the number one – call it theme, logo, statement – in the history of politics for a new one? You know, there is a new one that really works, and that’s called ‘Keep America Great.’ Right? Keep America great!”

The crowd, filled with supporters who had been waiting for nearly two days out in the elements for a chance to be a part of this historic moment, erupted with applause.

Trump said that his first term was a living monument to the original slogan, and argued that his presidency has been devoted to indeed making America great again.

“We have really done it,” the president said. “We have rebuilt our military – it’s still in the process. We’ve taken care of our vets. We’ve cut the hell out of regulations.”

Four years ago, Trump cruised down that golden escalator in Trump Tower to make an announcement that most of the political world treated as a publicity stunt at best and a joke at worst. Garnering an extraordinary reaction for labeling some illegal immigrants “rapists” and “murderers,” Trump was lambasted in the press on his way to losing his television contract with NBC.

It was not until months later that political pundits began taking his ascent in the polls seriously, and it was not until after December that anyone began speculating that he could actually become the Republican nominee.

This time around, obviously, things are a bit different. No one with half a brain doubts that Trump – who is, after all, the sitting president – has what it takes to win again. The polls may have him at a disadvantage to many of the Democratic frontrunners, but anyone with a memory longer than that of your average housefly will recall what the polls were saying in 2016. There wasn’t a polling agency in the country that gave Trump a prayer of beating Hillary Clinton on election night. It didn’t stop him from shocking the world with his upset victory.

“Since the very first day I walked through the doors of the White House, I have never forgotten who sent me there,” Trump said on Tuesday. “You did.”

And next November, the president’s loyal supporters may very well send him back.

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