Kellyanne: President Trump “Deserves an Apology” From the Media, Democrats

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway came out swinging like only she can in an interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. Conway said that the Mueller report had vindicated the president’s claims of innocence in regards to Russian collusion, and she predicted that the conclusions of the special counsel would put a coffin nail in the Democratic Party’s hopes of winning back the White House in 2020.

“The job of a prosecutor is to gather evidence and decide whether to indict or to decline to indict. They declined to indict,” Conway said. “The president is not going to jail. He’s staying in the White House for five and a half more years. Why? Because they found no crime, no conspiracy. That was the central premise.”

Raddatz, taking her cues from the Democrats, asked with feigned disbelief whether Conway thought the report exonerated Trump on all charges of obstruction.

“Yes,” Conway said without hesitation. “And the word exoneration was unnecessary in the Mueller report and I would say inappropriate. You either prosecute or you don’t. You either bring an indictment or you don’t.”

The full report, which House Democrats are using to renew talk of impeachment, outlined several instances where shady individuals connected to the Kremlin attempted to coerce or otherwise make contact with the Trump campaign in 2016. Despite these attempts, however, Mueller found no evidence to suggest that anyone involved with the campaign accepted help from the Russians or tried to collude with them in any way.

“Which means,” Conway said, “Donald Trump has been legitimately elected, fairly and squarely. And number two, the Russian interference – the alleged Russian interference in the election was done – was unaided by anybody in the Trump campaign.

“For two years people denied the electability of Donald Trump and then for two years people denied the election of Donald Trump,” she continued. “They wanted to be able to say I never saw his election coming because they cheated and they stole the election and they were colluding with Russia.”

Conway said that instead of looking for reasons to push this witch hunt into 2019 and beyond, Democrats, the media, and all the Trump-haters throughout the country should be lining up to offer their sincere apologies to the president.

“He deserves an apology from millions of people in this country,” she said. “Day after day, graphic after graphic, chyron after chyron, panel after panel, story after story, they were leading the public to believe that there was collusion, there was criminal conspiracy. People will look back at this week as another reason he got re-elected, mark my words.”

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