Kerry, Albright File Declaration Against Travel Ban

John Kerry and Madeleine Albright, both former secretaries of State under Democratic administrations, filed a joint declaration with the 9th Circuit appellate court on Monday in support of a continued block of President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

In a six-page brief also signed by former CIA Director Leon Panetta and other national security officials, the Democrats argued that Trump’s order temporarily blocking immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries would make America less secure.

“We know of no case where a President has invoked his statutory authority to suspend admission for such a broad class of people,” they wrote. “In past cases, suspensions were limited to particular individuals or subclasses of nationals who posed a specific articulable threat based on their known actions and affiliations.

“There is no national security purpose for a total bar on entry for aliens from the seven named countries,” they continued. “Since September 11, 2001, not a single terrorist attack in the United States has been perpetrated by aliens from the countries named in the Order. Very few attacks on U.S. soil have been traced to foreign nationals at all. The overwhelming majority of attacks have been committed by U.S. citizens.

“In our professional opinion,” they concluded, “the Order will harm the interests of the United States in many respects.”

No, Mr. Kerry. No, Mrs. Albright. No, Mr. Panetta.

What has harmed the interests of the United States is this umbrella of political correctness that you and your respective administrations have encouraged for more than twenty years. This PC atmosphere has grown so suffocating and oppressive that Americans are now shocked – SHOCKED – to see a president willing to take even the smallest steps toward strengthening our national security.

President Trump did not hide his intentions on the campaign trail. To the contrary – he ran ON those intentions. It was his fearlessness in the face of PC culture that separated him from the Republican pack and ultimately earned him the presidency. Americans from sea to shining sea want to keep this country safe from terror, and that group includes Hispanics, women, and yes, even Muslims. It includes anyone and everyone who can see through the liberal nonsense we’ve been fed for decades.

It’s quite something to see liberal America lose their minds over a ban that would have been over and done with by late April. While they’re protesting and writing friend-of-the-court briefs…what do you think our Islamist enemies are doing?

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