Lawmaker Slams Democrats and their “Sad Pursuit” of Kellyanne Conway

Democrats are relentless in their efforts to hold the Trump administration accountable for every infraction they can dredge up out of the history books. Whether it’s accusing Trump of violating the “emoluments clause” or accusing Michael Flynn of violating the Logan Act, the Democrats’ ongoing witch hunt of Trump has been an exercise in one absurdity after another. Before you know it, they’ll be accusing Mike Pompeo of having worn a mask in public or holding investigations into whether Betsy DeVos chewed gum on a Sunday.

In the meantime, they are holding hearings over Kellyanne Conway’s supposed violation of the Hatch Act, which forbids government staffers from engaging in political campaigning while acting in their official capacity. The Democrats are looking into allegations by the Office of the Special Counsel (not related to Robert Mueller’s office) that Conway has “repeatedly” used her position as White House counselor to make political statements in favor of Trump and other Republicans.

Conway says it’s nothing short of a violation of her First Amendment rights.

“They want to silence me now. These are my First Amendment rights, they want to chill freedom of speech because they don’t know how to beat him at the ballot box,” Conway said Monday. “Even if the Hatch Act applies, our position is, I haven’t violated it.”

While she was willing to defend herself on Fox News, however, she did not show up to this week’s committee hearings. President Trump told her not to testify. But that didn’t prevent Republicans like Thomas Massie (R-KY) from using their time to shut down the ridiculous argument that Conway cannot ever endorse a political point of view.

In questioning Special Counsel Henry Kerner, Massie noted that many of the supposed violations that Conway stood accused of took place outside standard working hours.

“Mr. Kerner,” he said, “what would you use to determine if at 10:17 pm if somebody is on their own time or if they still belong to the taxpayer?”

“As the congressman just said and also as my staff informs me, I should be clearer. The issue isn’t time,” Kerner insisted.

“So, she’s on the clock all the time? Three a.m.?” Massie asked. “So what do you use to determine whether it’s her time and her First Amendment or your time, the taxpayer?”

Kerner said that it had less to do with the time of day and more to do with how Conway was presented on any given television show. However, Massie pointed out that Conway was not in charge of what a news program chose to put on their chyrons. If they wanted to identify her as the official White House Counselor to the President, how could that be held against Conway?

“If you’re trying to claim that all 24 hours of the day belong to the taxpayer, I think that’s wrong. You’re not affording her anyplace to express her personal opinion and I think it’s wrong. It’s what makes this a sad pursuit,” Massie concluded.

Well, it’s just another ridiculous attempt to get voters to believe that the Trump administration is monstrously corrupt and that the Democrats are our only chance to save America. It’s a stale meal, but as long as the media eats it up, they’re going to keep dishing it out.

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