Left-Wing Mob: NASA Astronaut Cowers After Quoting Winston Churchill

As much as we roll our eyes when liberal celebrities hop on their high horse and preach about politics, we get a little thrill of amusement when the left-wing mob suddenly turns against them. For just a moment, we have to wonder if these celebrities are blessed with a moment of awakening, where they understand for a split second that they are aligning themselves with the absolute lunatics of the world. These moments of amusement (and hope?) don’t last long, though; instead of joining the #WalkAway movement and telling these liberal keyboard warriors to take a hike, the offending celebrities usually just meekly apologize, promise to do better, and slink back to their mansions to try again another day.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly may or may not live in a mansion, and he’s not your typical sort of braindead celebrity, but he’s been known to use his Twitter account for plenty of conservative-bashing, Democrat-kissing nonsense. But when he decided to quote Winston Churchill in his disgust over Republicans cheering for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, he realized just how quickly the left can turn on its own.

“One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘in victory, magnanimity,’” Kelly tweeted. “I guess those days are over.”

Perhaps. But the days are also over that you can quote a white man with a controversial past without hearing from every social justice loon from here to San Francisco.

“Churchill was a mass murderer and a racist, Scott,” one Twit argued.

We’d love to get that person in a room and ask them, honestly, which of the two sins is worse. We’re all too certain which one they’d choose.

In any case, Kelly quickly cowed under the weight of the mob, issuing an apology tweet only hours after the first one.

“Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill,” he wrote. “My apologies.  I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support.  My point was we need to come together as one nation.  We are all Americans.  That should transcend partisan politics.”

Instead of educating himself on the less heroic deeds of Winston Churchill, Kelly should reflect on the education he just received. It’s much more applicable to the modern era and it should illuminate for him why there can BE no coming together as “one nation” for as long as these radicalized leftists are ascendant. Their entire purpose in life is to be divisive, holier-than-thou, and hateful of anyone who doesn’t agree with their central organizing principle: That the more you’re “oppressed,” the more your opinion counts. It is useless to argue with them and it is beyond useless to find any united ground with them. They are lost, and so are you if you think you have anything to apologize for, Mr. Kelly.

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