Leftist Media Upset That Facebook Even TALKS to Conservative Outlets

There was an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, recounting the upset among executives from BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post in regards to Facebook and its willingness to talk to conservative media outlets. According to the story, Facebook held a private meeting last week in New York with publishers from across the political spectrum. The social media giant is trying to overcome accusations of bias and working to find a way to present news from all sides of the ideological spectrum evenly and fairly. To do this, they invited representatives from the Weekly Standard and the Daily Caller, among others.

Well, that didn’t sit well with the liberals in attendance, who don’t understand why any of those websites deserve to breathe the same air as the magnificent BUZZFEED!

From WSJ:

At the off-the-record meeting between Facebook officials and publishing executives in New York on Thursday, BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith said that, by his count, there were about six conservative-leaning publications among the dozen or so outlets represented at the gathering. He said the ratio implied a fundamental misconception among Facebook employees about the workings of the news industry, according to people familiar with his remarks.

Mr. Smith said that the number of conservative publications in attendance indicated that Facebook had bought into the idea, promoted primarily by conservatives, that mainstream outlets such as the New York Times are liberal and should be counterbalanced by right-leaning opinion outlets, said people familiar with his remarks.

A fundamental misconception, eh?


Smith and Lydia Polgreen of Huffington Post were especially offended by the presence of The Daily Caller, which they said did not live up to the high journalistic standards set by outlets like BuzzFeed and HuffPost. To which we can only say: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The overarching theme – that Facebook is lending too much deference to conservative publications – is too absurd to even comment on. But it does highlight the fact that today’s liberals believe we should live in a world utterly free of dissenting opinions. To them, the tripe published in BuzzFeed and HuffPost is THE truth and should not be challenged by the likes of the Daily Caller. It is an offense of high order to these elitists to even find themselves in the same room as a dirty conservative, much less be treated as equals.

Neither Smith nor Polgreen suggested that conservative users be banned from the site…but it’s probably only a matter of time before this becomes the prevailing liberal opinion. After all, it’s a “fundamental misconception” that American liberals should be counterbalanced by American conservatives. Until Republicans stop having the indecency to win elections, they should probably just be silenced altogether.

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