Legacy Destroyed: Voters Say Trump Better for Young Blacks Than Obama

For all the talk about how President Trump has destroyed Barack Obama’s legacy by tearing up the Iran Deal, working to repeal Obamacare, pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and rolling back a slew of regulations, a new poll from Rasmussen may be the strongest indication yet that our president has taken a sledgehammer to his predecessor’s place in the history books. What could be more embarrassing than a poll that says – and not without some evidence – that President Trump is better for young blacks than Barack Obama?! If we were Obama and we read this, we’d be looking for our buddy Richard Branson. Maybe he has an island the former president can hide out on until the shame clears.

If it ever does.

The Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 32% of voters believe life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump was elected. That’s still not a majority or even a plurality – 36% say it’s gotten worse, 26% say it has stayed the same – but that’s a huge number when you take it into its full context. For ANYONE to believe that life is better in America for young black people under Trump than Obama…well, that’s beyond embarrassing for the nation’s first black president. It’s humiliating.

And yet, so very true.

As reported this month, the black unemployment rate fell to 5.9% in the month of May – the lowest that number has been since the government started tracking it in 1972. This number isn’t so low because President Trump started some phony initiative to help young black workers – NO, on the contrary. It is so low because Trump understands what his predecessor didn’t: That the American marketplace works best when the government stays the hell out of people’s businesses. Literally! When you take off the handcuffs and you work to limit the unfair trade policies killing our country’s industrial sector…why, this is what you wind up with. Like they used to say: A rising tide lifts all boats.

Black voters need to think long and hard before they make another automatic run for the Democratic Party in this year’s midterms. Do they really think that maybe this time – THIS TIME – the Democrats are going to come up with some ingenious scheme to wash away income inequality and put black Americans on easy street at last? Or is there a chance that it will be more of the same old empty promises and welfare giveaways that have trapped their communities in cycles of crime and poverty for decades? As for those black Democrats who have already escaped that world (or were fortunate enough to have never lived it), it’s time to give up on the failed song of identity politics and start voting with your brains – not your heart or your cultural norms.

Making America great again means making it great for ALL Americans of all races. The proof is right there in the numbers for anyone who has the courage and the integrity to look.


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