Liberal Tears as ICE Arrests Nearly 700 Illegals in Mississippi Plant Raids

The planned ICE raids that were supposed to unfold a few weeks ago never seemed to fully materialize, but perhaps they were a red herring to begin with. Because after the dust had settled and everyone had gone on to worry about other things, the federal authorities descended on Mississippi this week to arrest 680 illegal immigrants working at seven different food processing plants across the state. In what authorities are calling the largest single-state raid in history, ICE arrested and detained aliens in Bay Springs, Pelahatchie, Morton, Carthage, Canton, and Sebastapol.

“We are first and foremost a nation of laws, and the Rule of Law is the bedrock, the very foundation, of our great country,” said U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst at a press conference. “I heard someone say that a country without borders is not a country at all and while I agree with that, I would also add that without law there is no order. Without the enforcement of law, there is no justice.”

In their own news conference, ICE officials said that the raids were not over yet.

“These are not victimless crimes,” said one official. “Illegal workers create vulnerabilities in the marketplace, as well as stealing the identities of legal U.S. workers, citizens, and legal immigrants alike, who must suffer the long-lasting consequences of their stolen identities.”

The mainstream liberal media reported on the heroism of the ICE agents, praising the federal agency for defending America’s laws, preserving jobs for the citizenry, and cleansing the state of illegal immigrants.


“Following a massive undocumented immigration enforcement operation that resulted in more than 650 arrests, many children of those taken into custody are now left homeless with nowhere to go,” reported local news station WJTV. “These children — some as young as toddlers — were relying on neighbors and even strangers to pick them up outside their homes after school and drive them to a community center where people tried to keep them calm. But many kids could not stop crying for mom and dad.”

While WJTV and the Washington Post focused on the horrors that federal law enforcement officers were visiting upon children, BuzzFeed assured us that there was absolutely no point to this operation:

John Sandweg, former acting director of ICE under the Obama administration, said Wednesday’s operation was massive in scope and would have a long-term impact on the immigrant community.

“This is a high-profile way to send a message and to create more fear in immigrant communities about ICE and about their ability to live and work in this country,” he said. “This burns an incredible amount of resources to apprehend people, few of whom pose any threat to the US. It’s for show more than for anything else.”

Finally, the Associated Press sought to connect the raids with Trump and the mass shooting in El Paso over the weekend.

“The raids, planned months ago, happened just hours before President Donald Trump visited El Paso, Texas, the majority-Latino border city where a man linked to an online screed about a ‘Hispanic invasion’ was charged in a shooting that left 22 people dead,” the AP solemnly reported.

We suppose it would be better to only arrest criminals who are childless, only deport illegal immigrants when it doesn’t cost us anything in terms of resources, and only enforce the law as permitted by a psychopath’s unhinged manifesto. Hopefully, the Trump administration will check with these bleeding-hearts before conducting any further raids.

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