London’s Muslim Mayor Says “Hate Speech” Must Be Censored

London’s much-ballyhooed “first Muslim mayor” was at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas this weekend to share his thoughts about what responsibility tech companies have in censoring hate speech on their social media platforms. Making no mention of the role Twitter, Facebook, and other sites have to censor or abolish Islamist propaganda, Sadiq Khan read tweets from internet trolls as a way of persuading these tech companies to do something about that old, outdated concept known as freedom of speech.

“I say kill the mayor of London and you’ll be rid of one Muslim terrorist,” Khan read. “I’d pay for someone to execute Sadiq Khan.”

Okay, those are not perhaps the best representatives of online discourse our world has to offer, but when you go messing around with free speech, you get ramifications and consequences far worse than what some jabroni says from the comfort of his parents’ basement. And London (as well as the rest of Western Europe) should well know that. Over there, the concept of free speech is an increasingly lost ideal, having given way to an extraordinary version of political correctness whose primary goal seems to be protecting Muslim migrants from criticism.

“Ask yourself this, what happens when young boys and girls from minority backgrounds see this kind of thing on their timelines or experience this themselves?” Kahn said.

What DOES happen? No really, tell us. Because we’re sure we can comb through Twitter right now and see plenty of equally-hateful stuff written about Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and millions of white, straight, Christian high school students. Should all of that content be censored as well? Or is it only speech targeting so-called “minorities” that really matters? “Minorities,” in this case, meaning everyone who is NOT white, straight, Christian, or male. Freedom of speech for some but not for all? Is that what we’re aiming for here?

Well of course it is.

“This isn’t about depriving people of free speech — this is about inciting hatred,” Kahn said. “This is about things that divide our community.”

No, it’s about expanding the cocoon of protection around the left’s chosen people – blacks, Muslims, gays, and whatever other special group that they decide needs protecting in the future. Feminists. Democrats. PETA members. The sky’s the limit. As long as you tend to vote for the Democrat or the liberal (in the case of Europe), you need to be protected from the awful opinions of the right. And if the tech companies won’t do it, the government will.

Call them the Snowflake Laws. And yes, they are going to try to bring these to America – sooner than you would ever believe.

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