MAGA: Trump Signs Two Huge Bills to Help Our Uniformed Heroes

For eight years, America’s military veterans had to endure the ignorance and disrespect of the Obama administration, and this long period of reprehensible treatment played no small part in ensuring that he was replaced by Donald J. Trump and not his ideological sister, Hillary Clinton. And by signing two bills last week, Trump not only lived up to his promise of improving the lives of vets, but he also made it clear that his administration – unlike the last one – prioritizes the men and women of American law enforcement.

The bills, which were passed with bipartisan support late last month, are the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act and the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act.

“We are here today to reaffirm our unbreakable support for the American heroes who keep our streets, our homes, and our citizens safe, and they’ve been doing an amazing job under very adverse conditions,” Trump said at the signing ceremony.

The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act will make it faster and easier for the families of fallen officers to get their bereavement benefits.

“For too long, injured officers have suffered, and the children of fallen officers have put their dreams of college on hold while bureaucracy delayed crucial benefits, made it impossible for their families,” Trump said. “No longer. It’s unacceptable, and it’s going to end today.”

The Heroes Act will offer federal grants to law enforcement agencies that prioritize the hiring of veterans.

Trump campaigned on a promise to end the Obama administration’s war on cops and a promise to give our military vets the respect they deserve. He has followed through on those promises with these bills, but more importantly, he has done so by drastically changing the rhetoric we hear from the federal government. Instead of blaming police officers for every societal wrong, Trump has emphasized the incalculable value these brave men and women provide to our nation. Instead of turning a blind eye to the scandals of the VA, Trump has taken decisive action to implement reforms that will make a difference.

The further away we get from the national nightmare that was Barack Obama, the harder it is to believe that we the people actually stood for his extremist agenda for so long. And the more thankful we are that we have turned the page. We must remain vigilant, of course, because the far left is as despondent as we are celebratory. They thought they had this country in the palms of their grubby little socialist hands. They thought the feminist, liberal utopia of their dreams was just around the corner. And they’re not giving up their dream without a fight.

But if their “fight” turns from words to violence, they are going to find out that their army of vegan vandals is no match for the (firmly Trumpian) police and military.

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