Major League Baseball Asks: How Can We Shove Social Justice Into the Games?

You would think that during these days of coronavirus that Major League Baseball officials, players, and team owners would be primarily concerned about how to get the season started safely and effectively. But according to a new report from ESPN, the league appears to be preoccupied with another concern: How to inject a healthy dose of social justice into the sport.

Because, let’s face it, that’s what baseball fans are clamoring to know right now!

From ESPN:

Major League Baseball and players have been in conversation about how to incorporate social justice elements into the sport, according to league and player sources, with the most recent conversation scheduled for Sunday.

It’s unclear what form the elements will take, whether it be some kind of logo placed on uniforms or something shared and fronted by players.

Since the killing of George Floyd on May 25, many of the sport’s players and teams have joined the national conversation about social justice. Andrew McCutchen, the Philadelphia Phillies’ veteran, was among athletes and coaches who shared a byline and thoughts in a USA Today editorial in early June.

Los Angeles Dodgers players recently held a Zoom call led by Clayton Kershaw to talk about racial injustice, and their discussion resulted in a video released last week in support of Black Lives Matter.


Terrific. Now baseball fans can cheer on their favorite players as they wear BLM stickers, kneel for the national anthem, and sketch a little salute to George Floyd in the moments before they step into the batter’s box. At long last, racism will be solved because it has attracted the attention of Major League Baseball. Whatever would we do as a country without multi-millionaire sports stars telling us what to think about racial relations?

We know we’re being flippant about this, but that’s only because…what’s the alternative? Are we really supposed to take it seriously when the NBA paints “Black Lives Matter” on the court floor? Are we actually supposed to think deeply about police brutality when an NFL linebacker kneels for the anthem? Are we supposed to have some sort of racial epiphany because the pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates is wearing a Defund the Police armband? If you want us to take any of this seriously, how about you come up with some actual solutions to the problems you perceive and stop insulting our intelligence with idiotic proposals like getting rid of the cops, putting disclaimers in front of classic movies, and abolishing Aunt Jemima!

Nonserious actions deserve nonserious replies, and, sorry, injecting “social justice” into baseball is about as nonserious as it gets.

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