Man Caught Showering With Teen Girls (But It’s OK Because He’s a “She”)

Three teen girls in California were horrified last month when they discovered a naked man showering with them at the Palm Springs Swim Center. The girls, water polo players for Palm Springs High School, were disturbed to enter the ladies’ locker room at the center only to encounter a naked man scrub-a-dub-dubbing in their private facilities.

“They were mortified, scared, and traumatized quite honestly,” the mother of one of the girls told KESQ News. “These girls don’t have experience with the male physique.”

Upon reporting the man to authorities, the suspect was arrested and charged with felony indecent exposure.

Nah, just kidding.

He simply explained to the high school’s water polo coaches that he was perfectly within his rights to shower in the women’s locker room because he, too, identified as a woman. He was then allowed to go on his merry way.

The girl’s mother quoted above, Christine Foster, told the news that she thought this excuse was a bunch of baloney.

“I think this individual is a predator and found a loophole in the law with transgender issues,” she said.

From KESQ:

The parents say the person left the pool when they “tried to take his picture.”

“Most of us are parents, and we’re fearful that our kids will come here and be exposed to something far earlier than what they expect to be exposed to,” said parent Patrick Rawlings.

Police were called to the pool, but did not pursue a case, telling News Channel 3:

“All parties were contacted.  No arrests were made as no laws were broken.”

Under the state’s so called “Gender Neutral” bathroom law, people can use a bathroom, according to the gender they identify with. The law makes no mention of shared shower spaces.

“I’m infuriated that this would happen,” said Foster.

Man, if only someone – anyone – had had the foresight to see this kind of thing coming!

Frankly, we don’t care if this guy is a genuine “transgender” or just a pervert using the city’s ridiculous laws as an excuse to perv out on young girls. We’re not even sure we see the difference. Either way, young women (and old women, for that matter) should have the right to be damn certain that naked men are not going to greet them in their own locker rooms.

How is it that we’ve gotten to 2019 – dead center in the #MeToo era – and we’re actually going backwards on something this basic, this simple? If you ever believed feminism to be anything other than leftism under a thin disguise, their silence on this issue should put that doubt to rest.

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