Minnesota Radicals Try to Burn Down a Trump Supporter’s House

At the same time that chaos was kicking off in Louisville, radical leftists in Minnesota were apparently eager to get in on the action as well. That’s why, on Thursday, law enforcement officials in Brooklyn Center found themselves investigating a fire that destroyed a garage and three vehicles belonging to a Trump supporter. Officials have said that the fire has been deemed “suspicious,” and that the investigation is ongoing.

In a Facebook post, Dennis Molla – a Ukrainian immigrant – and his family outlined the night they’d been through:

This morning, at 3:48am our house was supposedly targeted by BLM/Antifa. We woke up to a loud explosion, and saw that our camper was on fire, along with both of Dennis ‘s trucks, his garage and our entire back yard. Thank God our main house is safe. We are safe. Our children are safe. Thank you so much to the Brooklyn Center Police Department, Minnesota for helping us get our family out of the house, and a special thanks to officer C. Jordan and another officer and firefighters for saving our dogs. He said it was so hot they almost had to leave them. Thank you God we are alive and safe, and pray that justice is served.

In remarks to the Star Tribune, Molla said it was depressing to see what is becoming of his adopted country.

“I think things have gotten way out of control,” he said. “I’m not one of those confrontational people. … I just feel very sorry for my parents, just because they wanted to leave the USSR for us to have a better future and life in America. … For them to see me express my beliefs as a Republican, it’s crazy to think it came down to this.”

If this had happened to a leftist or to a BLM activist, we would be very tempted to sit back and wait for it to be exposed as a hoax. These fake “do it to yourself and then run to the media” stories are so common on the left that we can’t help but be cynical about this one even though the ideologies are reversed.

On the other hand, seeing as how you have Portland anarchists literally going through residential neighborhoods demanding that people come out of their houses and pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter…well, it’s not exactly a stretch to believe that something like this could happen.

After all, while some idiots were trying to set fire to Molla’s house in Minnesota, frothing activists in Louisville were doing their slam best to murder police officers.

According to police in Brooklyn Center, “The home occupants had a fairly large ‘Trump 2020’ sign that was destroyed, and our officers observed what appeared to be fresh spray paint on the garage before it burned down. The spray paint included ‘Biden 2020’, ‘BLM’ and capital letter ‘A’ with a circle around it.”

Completely sick.

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