Mocking Liberals: A Tactic We Should Use More Often

For some reason, America’s conservatives decided a long time ago to let liberals build a monopoly on laughter. Liberals have given humor a prime spot in their arsenal of tactics; conservatives are too busy being stunned by leftist ideas to start making jokes. This is unfortunate, because ridicule is a powerful weapon. And it’s especially unfortunate in this case, because Democrats provide a target-rich environment.

Humor works well because it disarms people. When a joke hits in just the right way, it can move people out of their ideological comfort zone and get them to see an issue or a politician in a new light. It works in a way that facts, statistics, and traditional arguments never will. It bypasses that gut-level emotional loyalty to “the team” and encourages a shift in thinking.

Now, maybe there’s something about conservatism. Maybe conservatives are too serious about the country, the Constitution, and the economy to step back and take a light-hearted view. Sure, some can do it, but not many. There’s too much at stake, perhaps, to turn our fight into fodder for laughs. Maybe that’s it.

If this is the case, then it becomes even more important to use mockery. It’s not a break from the fight; it’s a deadly weapon of war.

For political humor to work, all you need is a target worthy of ridicule. Can we agree that these targets are abundant in today’s Democratic Party? Can we agree that there are leftist absurdities all around us, just waiting to be exposed with the bright light of comedy?

But – with some notable exceptions – most conservative politicians and pundits miss these targets. Most of them don’t even aim. We know they have a sense of humor; they have been willing and able to see the humor in Donald Trump, for instance. Even those who support him have been unable to resist the low-hanging fruit that Trump sometimes provides. But when it comes to Democrats and liberals, these conservatives lose their funny bones.

Recently, Democrats and American leftists have given us much to laugh about:

The transgender bathroom cause

“Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”

The scourge of “manspreading”

The absurd refusal to blame radical Islam for anything, ever

An absolutely ridiculous protest on the House floor

Comparing transgender rights to the civil rights struggle of the 60s

Repeated and pathetic errors when talking about guns

Hillary Clinton’s exoneration

And so on…

By turning these things into comedic platforms, conservatives are not denying their seriousness. Quite the contrary. By using humor, we can spread our message beyond the already-converted. We’re not protecting American culture or the Constitution by ignoring this powerful tool. We’re letting the left win.

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