Most Democrats See Republicans as “Racist, Bigoted, and Sexist”

If we needed any further confirmation that this country is hopelessly divided along political lines, a new survey from Axios should provide it. According to a poll of more than 3,000 American adults, no fewer than 61% of Democrats think words like “racist,” “bigoted,” and “sexist” can best be used to describe Republican voters. On the flipside, 31% of Republicans think the same can be said of Democrats.

And the survey gets no better from there.

54% of Democrats think Republicans are “ignorant.” 49% of Republicans think Democrats are.

50% of Republicans believe Democrats to be “evil,” while 44% of Democrats say it of Republicans.

50% of self-described “liberal Democrats” would be disappointed if a close family member were to marry a Republican. 32% of “conservative Republicans” would feel the same about someone they love marrying a Democrat.

When you flip the script and talk about positive terms, the numbers plummet as you would expect. Only 4% of Democrats describe Republicans as “fair,” only 3% describe them as “thoughtful,” and only 2% think “kind” if a good descriptor for the opposing party’s voters. Vice versa, the feeling is more or less mutual.

So yeah, Bipartisan America does not seem to be in the works anytime soon.

Axios naturally blames President Trump for a lot of these divisions, but we’d say the media bears much more responsibility for these polls results than the commander-in-chief. For three solid years they’ve been telling viewers and readers that Trump is a racist Nazi and that anyone who supports him is either hopelessly jobless or a white supremacist deplorable. In many cases, we’re sure, both. When you put that on top of a left-wing contingent that considers it a mark of poor taste to support anything or anyone white or associated with “whiteness,” well, there tends to be a backlash. A great many white Americans are still looking around in a stunned daze, confused about exactly when they were designated the Bad Guys of the 21st century.

Not that long ago, we would have said something to the effect of: Oh, the Republican Party needs to do some PR control and rid themselves of this terrible image!

But those times are behind us. If that’s what the left wants to believe, let them believe it. Nothing is going to change their mind, that much is obvious. All we can hope for is that the fringe left keeps getting fringier, and more and more people join the #WalkAway movement.


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