NAACP President Lied About Encounter With Racist Cop

In a recent Facebook post, Rev. Jerrod Moultrie, the president of the NAACP South Carolina chapter, claimed that he was pulled over by police in Timmonsville and subjected to racist harassment, the likes of which he transcribed for his followers. The (extraordinarily poorly written) transcription went as follows:

Me: hello sir how can I help you

Officer: I am stopping you cause you fail to put on a turn signal and do you have any drugs in the car

Me: sir how would you know If I used my tum signal when you was approaching me as I turn and is there any drugs in your car?

Officer: License and registration

Me: sir can I take off my seat belt and get it

Officer: sure

Me: (as i open glove box i said )sir this is a new car i just purchased and all ! have is bill of sale, insurance card and registration from car I am transferring tags

Officer: ok where you work and who car is this and why you in this neighborhood

Me: sir I am a pastor and I live in the house on the left

Officer: And I guess I am the bill gates

Me: sir what’s the problem

Officer: I ask who car for the last time and why you in this neighborhood

Me: I told you for last time who car and where I live.( as my neighborhood starts to come out there house) By the way sir can I speak to your supervisor

Officer: walks away with my information When he returned he said did you know your tags comes back to another vehicle

Me: sir I just explain this to you

Officer: you need to park this vehicle and never drive it till you get this straight with DMV

Me: sir I have purchased multiple vehicles and never heard this now officer and I start fussing cause I said well i will be driving my car sir and anytime I want

Officer: I am warning you to not drive this car till tags get straight and just know I am doing you a favor tonight not taking you to jail or writing you a ticket

Me: sir you might be doing your Self a favor but you certainly not doing me a favor.

Moultrie then concluded his post by letting his followers know that even though his wife and baby were in the car with him, he was still suspected of having drugs because he was just a lowly black man in this racist officer’s eyes.

“Guess I can’t be a pastor and can’t drive a Mercedes Benz and live in a nice neighborhood,” he wrote. “Someone needs to answer for this behavior and this officer will.”

Apparently, Moultrie’s grasp on the truth is no better than his grasp on the written word. Because what he didn’t realize is that the officer was wearing a body camera and recorded the whole interaction. Notably missing from the interaction? Any mention of drugs.

“The encounter between Moultrie and Miles is different than what Moultrie described, based on police body camera footage released by the Timmonsville Police Department,” reported the Raleigh News & Observer. “Based on the body camera footage, the officer never asked Moultrie if he had drugs in the car nor why he was driving in that area.”

Perhaps it will turn out that the Timmonsville Police Department, in an agency-wide conspiracy against the NAACP, jeopardized their careers by editing the body cam footage before releasing it to the public. But more likely, Moultrie’s account of the incident was falsified to make it seem as though he had been racially oppressed and singled out by a bigoted cop. Nothing gets the money flowing in like another good tale of discrimination, after all.

Body cameras are a thing now because of Black Lives Matter and the whole movement against police brutality. How poetic it will be when they expose many of these supposedly racist incidents as the hoaxes that they so often are.

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