National Chaos: A Look At This Weekend’s “Peaceful Protests”

While the media continues to be obsessed with President Trump’s “fascist” response to rioting in Portland and other U.S. cities, the narrative of the Peaceful Protester is wearing thinner by the day. You won’t find a whole lot of coverage of what these protesters are actually doing in the pages of The New York Times, but thanks to social media and conservative news sites like Fox News, we can still find ways to understand the truth about this inner city rebellion.

If you want to know what’s really happening in America, it isn’t hard to find out. And if you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend that the Trump administration is deploying “secret police” to round up political enemies…well, the mainstream media has made it easy for you to do that as well.

As for us, we prefer the truth.

The truth is that in Portland, the city has been besieged for nearly two solid months by protesters/rioters who have done everything from commit arson to hitting federal agents with bottles to blinding them with lasers. On Saturday night, a group of rioters broke through a fence protecting the Hatfield Federal Courthouse for another round of destruction. Police responded with tear gas, which we’re sure will be portrayed as another example of the fascist state. Apparently, federal authorities must patiently wait until these unhinged rioters kill a few of their agents before being granted sufficient justification to enforce the law.

The truth is that in Seattle, even weeks after the city (finally) dismantled the Autonomous Zone, residents are still expected to endure violent protesters in the downtown area on a regular basis. This weekend, rioters actually used explosives to blow a hole through the police department’s East District – the same precinct formerly under control of the CHAZ loonies.

“What we saw today was not peaceful,” said police Chief Carmen Best, belaboring the obvious. “The rioters had no regard for the public’s safety, for officers’ safety or for the businesses and property that they destroyed.”

Yeah, but black lives matter, so it’s all good.

The truth is that, in Austin this weekend, a man known and beloved by the protesters went up to a car with a weapon, clearly intent on doing some harm. Fortunately for the would-be victim sitting in the car, he was armed as well. He shot the protester, saving himself…and undoubtedly setting himself up to be the left’s next national villain. He might want to confer with the McCloskeys of St. Louis about what happens when you stand up to this violent mob. The powers-that-be in the Democratic Party don’t like it one bit.

The truth is that this is just a fraction of the burning, the violence, and the rioting that characterized this weekend’s round of “peaceful protesting.” Maybe someday the Democrats and the media will actually acknowledge this truth.

But we’re not holding our breath.

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