New Documentary Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Bid

Last summer, author Peter Schweizer published a book called Clinton Cash that made a number of shocking allegations against both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Few of the allegations were completely provable, but even liberal media outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post found merit in the book’s premise: that the Clintons have recklessly traded political favors for donations to their charitable foundation. Donations which have likely done more to personally enrich the Clintons than to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.”

Whatever that means.

Even a bestseller, though, will only reach a slim minority of potential voters. A movie, on the other hand, can spread the message to millions.

That movie, also called Clinton Cash, will debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16 before its U.S. opening on July 24. Like most documentaries, it will probably open in a limited number of theaters, but if the producers rush it to DVD, it could be available for home viewing well before the November elections.

“To me the key message is that while U.S. politics has long been thought to be a dirty game, it was always played by Americans,” said Schweizer in an interview with NBC News. “What the Clinton Foundation has done is open an avenue by which foreign investors can influence a chief U.S. diplomat. The film may spell all this out to people in a way the book did not and it may reach a whole new audience.”

MSNBC, which got an exclusive preview of the hour-long film, was surprisingly measured in their review:

What complicates matters for Hillary Clinton’s campaign is that the book resulted in a series of investigations last year into Schweizer’s allegations by mainstream media organizations from The New York Times and CNN to The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, many of which did not dispute his findings — and in some cases gathered more material that the producers used in the film. More recently, some information uncovered in the Panama Papers has echoed some of Schweizer’s allegations in the movie and book.

In a general election battle that promises to be one of the dirtiest in American political history, there’s virtually no doubt that Donald Trump will exploit these allegations for all they’re worth. It remains to be seen if any journalist can uncover the “smoking gun” that proves conclusively that the Clintons allowed foreign billionaires and leaders to buy political influence, but it may not be necessary. At some point, the American people may conclude that this couple is simply too corrupt to be allowed back in the White House.

Which, frankly, is a conclusion that should have been reached years ago.

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