NPR’s Iran Deal Bias Exposed

According to a new story in the Associated Press, National Public Radio was among the media outlets that Obama administration propagandist Ben Rhodes used to sell the American people on the Iran nuclear deal. The AP reports that NPR accepted $100,000 from an organization named the Ploughshares Fund – an organization that worked closely with the White House to make sure the deal went through. This money supposedly went towards ensuring “national security reporting that emphasizes the themes of U.S. nuclear weapons policy and budgets and Iran’s nuclear program.”

The investigation cast doubts on NPR’s claim that the money made no difference in their coverage of the Iran deal. They reported that Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo had asked NPR if he could appear to speak out against the Iran deal, thus providing a counter-argument to the Pro-deal Adam Schiff, who was a frequent contributor.

NPR responded, saying they “had no record of Pompeo’s requests.”

Whether or not they kept their records, the veracity of Pompeo’s claim was quickly corroborated by the Washington Free Beacon:

Pompeo’s office readily produced emails negotiating an interview time. NPR later cancelled the interview: “The show managers have decided that there are already too many interviews in the works this week and that we don’t have the resources to take this one on. Perhaps there will be another opportunity,” a producer wrote.

There wasn’t.

Now, is this undisputed proof that NPR was carrying water for the Obama administration? No, but how much proof do we really need. When a news organization is taking money from activists, it’s no longer a question of how or even if that money influenced their reporting. The conflict of interest is enough to de-legitimize the entire channel.

You see the journalists out there whining about how the media hasn’t been responsible in their coverage of Donald Trump, but where are all these people when it comes to the Iran deal? We’ve been told, flat-out, by a member of the Obama regime that the press was lied to and manipulated. And you can barely read a thing about it in the mainstream press. They’re acting like nothing happened! Suddenly, they aren’t in such a reflective mood anymore.

Well, the American people will hopefully remember this debacle, even if the media tries its damnedest to make us forget.

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