NYT Opinion Writer: Republican Women are “Gender Traitors”

In an op-ed for The New York Times this weekend, Alexis Grenell of Pythia Public was so outraged by the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that she described Republican women who voted for him as “gender traitors” who care more about loyalty to their party than about the women who have endured sexual assault.

In a broadside attack on Sen. Susan Collins and others in the Republican caucus, Grenell wrote: “These women are gender traitors, to borrow a term from the dystopian TV series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ They’ve made standing by the patriarchy a full-time job. The women who support them show up at the Capitol wearing ‘Women for Kavanaugh’ T-shirts, but also probably tell their daughters to put on less revealing clothes when they go out.”

How awful that a mother would advise her daughter not to dress like a complete skank! Is this seriously the point in feminist culture that we’ve arrived at? It’s now an affront to women everywhere for a mother to raise a daughter with a sense of decency or modesty?

Sometimes these pink-haired legbeards come in handy; their total adherence to the bubble of modern-day feminism makes them forget that most people don’t see the world as they do. So they traipse over to the opinion pages of the New York Times without the slightest attempt to hide who they really are and what they really believe. And in their naked honesty, they do more to reveal why this country is so divided than a thousand TV pundits could ever manage.

More from Grenell (if you can stand it):

We’re talking about white women. The same 53 percent who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades. White women have broken for Democratic presidential candidates only twice: in the 1964 and 1996 elections, according to an analysis by Jane Junn, a political scientist at the University of Southern California.


That’s because white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain. In return they’re placed on a pedestal to be “cherished and revered,” as Speaker Paul D. Ryan has said about women, but all the while denied basic rights.

Yet another idiot who complains that women do not have “basic rights,” but cannot tell you of a single “right” that men have that women do not.

There was a time when women like Grenell were just fringe characters who could be safely ignored. Sadly, she and her ilk have moved into the mainstream of American public life (if not America itself) – so much so that merely voting for a conservative Supreme Court judge can be judged as gender betrayal.

Thankfully, the polls over the last couple of weeks have shown us that – no matter how many crazed feminists show up on television or climb on Supreme Court statues – the majority of American women do not feel this way.

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