NYU Professor Thinks Media Should “Suspend Normal Relations” With Trump

According to Jay Rosen at his NYU-sponsored blog, PressThink, it’s “time for the press to suspend normal relations with the Trump presidency.” Normally, we wouldn’t be the least bit interested in what some left-wing blogger from New York University has to say about the state of the media, but that proclamation caught our eye for precisely one reason: When, pray tell, has the media EVER had “normal relations” with this president?

The media has been suffering under a cloud of liberal bias for as long as we’ve been alive, but it ratcheted up into another level during the Bush years. It then escalated to yet another level during the Ferguson/Black Lives Matter debacle. But even that was NOTHING compared to what happened when Donald Trump descended that escalator in the summer of 2015 to declare his candidacy for president.

Since that time – and steadily getting worse by the week – the mainstream media has abandoned all pretense of objectivity to become a full-scale cog in the Democratic Party machinery. Editorials and news have become blurred beyond anyone’s capability to distinguish the two. Studies have shown that more than 90% of Trump presidency coverage has been negative. White House Press Corps reporters like Jim Acosta have turned into showboating superstars who see it as their job to get jabs in at Sarah Sanders and President Trump. There is nothing  at all “normal” about the way the press has treated this president or this administration.

So yeah, we were intensely curious about Rosen’s recommendations for a media that has already declared itself part of the #Resistance. What exactly should CNN, MSNBC, the AP, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others be doing to “fight” this White House that they aren’t already doing? Take up arms?

“Suspend normal relations,” Rosen suggests. “It’s up to the journalists who cover Trump to decide how they will do it. The important thing is that they do it. And then announce what they did, to get others thinking about their own steps. In this way the sovereign state of journalism can take action, and show, as the Canadian prime minister said recently, that it will ‘not be pushed around.’”

Only a truly brainwashed liberal could possibly think that the media outlets we enumerated above are being “pushed around” by this president. How can you be “pushed around” when you CONTROL THE FLOW OF INFORMATION? When millions of people get their sole view of the White House and the American government from YOUR NEWSPAPERS? From YOUR TELEVISION SHOWS? In what way can anyone possibly see the media as the underdogs in this fight?

But we get it. Rosen and others like him are baffled, frantic, and depressed because the left-wing media does not have the power against this president that they did against Bush (and Palin, and Romney, etc.) His approval numbers refuse to sink. His supporters refuse to abandon him. Using the power of social media, Trump simply goes directly to the people with his message. And he – unlike all of those predecessors who surrendered to the almighty, all-powerful press – isn’t afraid to tell the American people when they are being lied to. And it has made all the difference.

Rosen thinks the answer is for reporters to double down on the very bias that has caused them to lose so much power in the first place. We can’t say we agree, but hey, why not try it? See where it gets ya.

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