Oakland Mayor: “It’s My Duty” to Protect Illegal Immigrants From Racist ICE

In February, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf learned through “unofficial channels” that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was planning a big weekend raid in the San Francisco Bay Area. Instead of putting that information under her hat like a responsible steward of public safety, she chose to blurt out her knowledge on Twitter and undermine federal immigration enforcement efforts.

“I know that Oakland is a city of law-abiding immigrants and families who deserve to live free from the constant threat of arrest and deportation,” she wrote in a statement. “I believe it is my duty and moral obligation as mayor to give those families fair warning when that threat appears imminent.”

The “threat,” mind you, is coming from federal law enforcement. The “threat” is the enforcement of the American Rule of Law. The “threat” is towards those who broke said law and do not belong in this country.

Oh, and just for the record, “law-abiding immigrants” already DO live free from the constant feat of deportation. You cannot break U.S. immigration law and also be “law-abiding.” We get what Schaaf is getting at here, but no. If you are in this country illegally, you must live in fear of deportation because that is the law and that is the remedy. If Congress wants to change the law, well then, go for it. Until then, we need to go ahead and enforce it as written.

We know this is a confusing concept for California Democrats to get their heads around.

Schaaf, having been accused of obstructing justice by everyone from President Trump to ICE Director Thomas Homan to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, says that far from obstructing justice, she is merely “seeking” it. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Schaaf defended her actions as righteous and just in the face of the Trump administration’s “racist” policies towards illegal immigrants.

“Under the Trump administration, undocumented residents are vilified as ‘dangerous criminals’ or, as of last week — simply ‘animals.’ Trump has more than doubled deportations of people without any criminal convictions,” she writes.

Apparently Schaaf is still buying into the left’s horrendously lying narrative that says Trump called all illegal immigrants “animals” at that roundtable last week and not just members of the MS-13 gang. Or, perhaps, the Oakland mayor thinks the MS-13 gang are part of that “law-abiding” group that deserves to live free of the fear of deportation. Who can really say?

“As mayor, it’s my duty to protect my residents — especially when our most vulnerable are unjustly attacked. As a leader, it’s my duty to call out this administration’s anti-immigrant fearmongering for what it is: a racist lie,” she writes.

We don’t know where to start with declarations like this, but we do know that it should never be any elected officials “duty” to actively thwart the Rule of Law. California will meet its early demise if it continues down this lawless road with extremists like Schaaf and the Democrat lunatics who currently run Sacramento. As a country, it is our “duty” to make sure the rest of us are spared this state’s unenviable fate.

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