Obama’s AG: It “May Never Be Known” Why Orlando Attack Happened

Omar Mateen, the man who killed 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando on June 12, called 911 during the massacre to pledge his loyalty to Islam’s bloodthirsty god and the commander of the Islamic State. Mateen had a history of associating himself with various terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda. He made pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia that appeared unrelated to typical religious travel. He attended a mosque with loose ties to other suspected terrorists.

But despite all of this evidence, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday that Mateen’s motivations “may never be known.”

“Federal investigators are still uncertain as to what drove Mateen to violence and to what extent he may have been motivated by anti-gay hatred,” Lynch said.

And Obama’s grand deception continues.

From one perspective, it’s clear that Mateen was motivated by factors other than radical Islam alone. His record of anti-social behavior stretches back to elementary school, and there are reports that he may have struggled with his sexuality.

But these motivations may speak more to Mateen’s choice of targets rather than his core decision to carry out the carnage itself. It would be like characterizing 9/11 as an attack on architecture or a hatred of modern air travel. These terrorists choose who to kill based on a number of factors – shock value, opportunity, and personal enmity, to name a few – but that doesn’t erase the underlying reason: Devotion to a sick strain of Islam.

But that motivation is willfully ignored by the Obama administration.

Strange how we didn’t hear all of this hemming and hawing about motivation when that idiot shot up the black church in Charleston last year. Strange how we didn’t hear it after that maniac shot up the Planned Parenthood clinic. In those cases, officials knew right away why the killers did what they did, and the Obama administration wasted no time in condemning racism and pro-life rhetoric. Oddly enough, they didn’t worry that a blanket condemnation of Confederate Flag-waving southerners would trigger a violent backlash.

Oh, but when it comes to Islam, we have to be so very, very careful. Why is that? Why might that be? This administration claims that the majority of Muslims are peace-loving, yet they seem to simultaneously believe that even saying the words “radical Islam” will drive thousands of them to join ISIS. They never address the obvious conclusion, which is that many of these peace-loving Muslims are teetering on the knife-edge of radicalization and could be pushed to terrorism by nothing more than pointed Republican criticism.

If that’s true, then we have a big problem on our hands. If it’s not, then why are Democrats so desperate to divide Islam from terrorism in their rhetoric?


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