Obama’s Iran Lies Finally Coming Out in the Open

On the basis of a Politico feature story that exposed how President Obama lied to the American people about who the U.S. was releasing from custody as part of the Iran nuclear agreement, Republicans in Congress are asking the Departments of State and Justice to provide them with more information about the previous administration’s activities.

13 senators wrote a letter to Secretaries Jeff Sessions, Steve Mnuchin, and Rex Tillerson, and the House Oversight Committee is requesting several volumes of documentation to help them make sense of one of the Obama administration’s greatest deceptions this side of the Affordable Care Act.

From Politico:

The House and Senate lawmakers cited various portions of an April 24 report by POLITICO that found that the Obama administration, through actions in some cases and inaction in others, significantly hampered a much-touted federal law enforcement effort known as the National Counterproliferation Initiative at a time when it was making unprecedented headway in thwarting Iran’s illicit weapons proliferation activities.

The POLITICO investigation also reported that during their public rollout of the two deals, Obama and other key administration officials downplayed the threat posed by the Iranian traffickers they were freeing as part of the swap that also freed five Americans held by Iran.

According to the story, while the Obama administration told the American people about the release of seven Iranian-born prisoners who did not pose a threat to national security, they deliberately omitted both the full extent of the men’s rap sheets as well as the release of 14 other Iranians who “had been accused or convicted of charges stemming from their alleged involvement in clandestine networks supplying Iran with parts and technology for its weapons, ballistic missile and nuclear programs.”

Last Thursday, the 13 senators, including Ted Cruz, David Perdue, Marco Rubio, and others, wrote to the Trump administration with a request for more information about the shadowy plot.

“Based on new reports, we are concerned that President Obama and certain previous administration officials intentionally suppressed the seriousness of the charges against these individuals in order to garner public support for the nuclear deal with Iran, and we fear that these individuals may still pose a threat to the national security of the United States,” the senators wrote.

Just imagine for a moment the Democratic Party FREAKOUT if the Trump administration (or, hell, ANY Republican administration) had lied to the public about something this integral to our global security. But of course, since this is Obama we’re talking about, it’s just a little side-story. Just another one of those GOP witch hunts that don’t really mean anything outside of Fox News. Pay no mind.

Besides, Iran is majority-Muslim. Muslims are good and peaceful by nature. Therefore, nothing to worry about. Right?


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