Oh Boy: Republicans “Secretly Discussing” an Amnesty Deal for Dreamers

According to a new feature article in Politico, several top Republican senators are privately discussing plans to hammer out an immigration deal with Democrats that will grant some form of amnesty for the nearly 800,000 DACA recipients who lost their federal protections earlier this year.

While President Trump has encouraged the GOP and the Democrats to work together on just such an endeavor, it remains to be seen whether congressional Republicans are on the same page when it comes to extracting concessions from the left. The final decision will be Trump’s to make, of course, but after a year filled with legislative stumbles, we’re concerned he may be willing to sign anything that lands on his desk.

GOP senators “are eager” to craft legislation that will protect Dreamers, according to the report, but they will have to find some middle ground acceptable to both the president and the Democrats. Because while Democrats essentially want a clean bill of amnesty for the Dreamers (and, likely, many other childhood arrivals who were not included in Obama’s program to begin with), the conservative base is going to throw an absolutely FIT if they grant protections without some major advances in border security.

“There’s a solution to be had there,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn told Politico. “But we just need to get on with it.”

Frankly, though, the things they’re talking about in the Politico article are not promising.

Read for yourself:

Some outlines of an agreement are becoming clearer. For instance, the senators have all but ruled out including a mandatory workplace verification system known as E-Verify in a final DACA agreement, according to multiple lawmakers engaged in the talks.

Ideas that do remain in contention among this circle of Republicans include beefed-up border security provisions, limiting some chain migration and measures that one senator described as a “down payment” on shifting the U.S. immigration laws into a merit-based system, according to GOP senators. A spokesman said Grassley is gathering suggestions from other Senate Republicans on not only a DACA fix but enforcement provisions to “address the root cause of illegal immigration.”

You see anything there about a border wall? The “senators have all but ruled out” E-Verify? Okay, so basically what we’re looking at is a situation where Democrats have somehow convinced Republicans that it’s important to their voters to protect Dreamers? And this is SO important that they should be willing to accept whatever squishy crap Democrats scatter on the bill like so many breadcrumbs? Oooh, “beefed-up border security provisions.” That sounds like it’ll make a hell of a difference.

Republicans – including Trump – will rue the day they granted amnesty to 800,000 – 1.3 million illegal immigrants if they do so without getting some major, MAJOR concessions from the left. How they don’t see that is beyond us, but they will soon enough. They will soon enough.

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