One Year Later, the Russia Story is Unraveling Like a Cheap Sweater

If you want to have some fun, go back to around the time that BuzzFeed published the now-discredited Russian dossier on Trump and read some of the commentary from the liberal blogosphere. Oh, they thought they had caught the biggest of the big fish, didn’t they? Some of the more mainstream liberals had to be really careful to emphasize that the allegations of collusion and kompromat contained in the dossier were unproven, but they still wrote their think pieces as though it would only be a matter of time before the Trump presidency came crashing down in a cloud of Kremlin dust. The more independent liberal bloggers didn’t even bother with the disclaimers. They penned headlines that made themselves and their readers believe that we were only days away from seeing the so-called “pee tape,” at which point all the Hillary voters would unite in giving conservative America one giant Bronx cheer.

My, how times have changed.

We’re now ten months into the Trump presidency, and despite multiple congressional investigations, a special prosecutor, and a team of FBI agents and lawyers on the case, there is still not one shred of believable evidence tying Donald Trump to these allegations of Russian collusion. Not one shred.

At best, it seems that prosecutors may bring a case of some sort against Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, but that was hardly the fish the Democrats wanted to fry when all of this started. And we’re guessing that even when it comes to Manafort, the final charges will scarcely resemble the kind of wild collusion theories the left started with. In fact, the case against Manafort may very well take down some top Democrat donors before it’s all over.

And now we’re back to the dossier. After watching the oppo research firm behind the dossier – Fusion GPS – try their damnedest to protect their clients’ anonymity, one of those clients has finally spilled the beans. In a public statement, lawyer Marc Elias of Perkis Coie let Fusion off the hook and admitted that his law firm paid for their services – payment that included the production of the infamous dossier report. Elias was a lawyer representing both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, proving once and for all that federal investigators have been chasing their tails to track down evidence of blatantly fictitious, partisan research nonsense.

Liberals threw a fit when they learned that FBI officials in New York began building an investigation into the Clinton Foundation based on Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” bestseller, even though several stories originating in the book were corroborated by New York Times reporting. But here we have a dossier file – bought and paid for by Trump’s political enemies – that has not seen even the slightest verification from anyone in the legitimate media. And yet we’re spending how much in taxpayer money to track down these inane theories?

As far as we’re concerned, the partisan origins of this dossier – which may indeed be the sole “evidence” Mueller and Co. have to connect Trump to Russian government interests – is enough to bring this investigation to a close. It’s time for Republicans, Democrats, and Bob Mueller to come clean with their findings, present their lack of evidence to the American people, and allow Donald J. Trump to exercise the full powers of the presidency without this cloud of unwarranted suspicion hanging above his head.

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