Patriots Gather to Protest CNN’s Fake News Crusade Against Trump

Protesters gathered outside CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta this weekend to demonstrate against the culture of fake news being propagated by one of the most influential cable news stations in the country. Some protesters carried signs targeting some of CNN’s prominent advertisers, while others characterized the station as the “Fake News Network.”

From Breitbart:

Protesters told Breitbart News that the rally against CNN was an effort to call out the media corporation for its unbalanced coverage of the Trump administration and its targeting of Americans, most specifically the creator of the anti-CNN wrestling match meme that the President tweeted out.

“We are standing up and fighting back against the real damage that CNN is doing to this country today,” Brian Maloney with the Media Equalizer told Breitbart News. “There are real victims of their smear campaigns … they have an entire team of smear merchants employed for the express purpose of deny this current President any appointees or nominees whatsoever.”

“[Americans’] lives are being destroyed when they are unfairly smeared and targeted, falsely accused of plagiarism, and everything else that has been going on,” Maloney said.

While the entire liberal news media has been (way) overboard in their bias against President Trump, CNN has been far and away the worst of the offenders. In recent weeks, their fortunes took a turn for the worse as they were caught in scandal after scandal.

First was a story they had to retract about (now White House Communications Director) Anthony Scaramucci and his ties to Russian business interests. That story ultimately cost three reporters their jobs and forced CNN to do a complete overhaul of their reporting practices in regards to the Trump-Russia story.

Then there were the James O’Keefe videos, which caught CNN producers and stars admitting that there was nothing to that story and that it was being promoted purely for ratings.

Finally, there was the embarrassing and disturbing turn of events that took place after President Trump tweeted a video showing him “beating up” CNN in a modified pro wrestling clip. The network practically admitted that they blackmailed the creator of the video into making a public apology and threatened to release his personal information should he go back on the mea culpa.

If CNN made any internal adjustments in the wake of these scandals, however, they’ve yet to be reflected in their coverage. They continue to be among the most biased news outlets in the country, apparently certain that they can survive the credibility crater facing them after the liberal public grows bored with the Trump/Russia non-story.

We’ll see…


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