Phoenix Proves Democrats Wrong: Sanctuary Policies Don’t Reduce Crime

According to Democrats all over the country, including many who work in law enforcement, sanctuary city policies have a mitigating effect on crime. The story goes that by making illegal immigrants feel safe in their communities, they will be more likely to report crime and cooperate with local police departments. This, in turn, makes for a reduction in crime rates.

On its face, it would seem to make a certain amount of sense…at least, as long as you overlook the fact that being in this country illegally is ITSELF a crime. Which, of course, most liberals are perfectly willing to do.

But what about the rest of the argument? Does it hold up to scrutiny? Are there any hard studies that actually bear out what Democrats claim is the case?

Well, the only way to find out is to look at crime rates before and after a city ends its sanctuary policies. And will you look at that – we have just such a city in Phoenix, Arizona. At the outset of the Obama administration, the city of Phoenix stopped harboring illegal immigrants and protecting them from federal immigration authorities. And according to the Arizona Police Association, crime started falling precipitously immediately after the new policies went into place.

“When we eliminated our sanctuary policy back in 2008, we saw crime, violent and stolen vehicles fall by 25 percent,” said APA Executive Director Levi Bolton in a recent Fox News interview. “We saw a 20-year low crime rate. When we were allowed and had the discretion to contact our federal immigration partners, crime fell drastically.”

Indeed, it seems that in just the first year after Phoenix stopped its sanctuary city policies, the murder rate dropped 27%. Other crimes, such as robbery, auto theft, burglary, and assault also dropped dramatically after the city rolled back its sanctuary policies. This is in startling contrast to the argument made by Democrats, though it should come as no surprise to anyone who has actually looked at the crime rates in Democrat-run cities as compared to those run by Republicans. When you start making direct comparisons, you’d almost start to think that Democrats WANT their cities overrun by crime.

Wouldn’t that be a silly thing to imagine…

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