Poll: Southern Whites Feel “Under Attack” by Liberal Culture

A new poll from Winthrop University finds that nearly half of whites in the southern U.S. either agree or strongly agree that they are “under attack,” a widespread confirmation of the cultural divisiveness that some believe led to President Donald Trump’s landslide 2016 electoral college victory.

Elsewhere in the poll, it was shown that 75% of southern blacks feel that racial minorities are under attack; the poll did not offer any explanation for the term “under attack,” leaving it to the respondents to come to their own conclusions.

30% of respondents said it was important to protect and preserve America’s Eurocentric heritage while more than half disagreed that it was a priority. 40% said that statues commemorating Confederate soldiers should remain in place while 25% said they should be accompanied by plaques that explain how they are relevant to today’s America. 27% said they should be moved to museums and 25% said they should simply be torn down altogether.

There were also some interesting responses when it came to religious beliefs. 55% of black southerners said they went to church at least once a week, compared to 35% of whites. Three-quarters of black respondents said that religion was an important factor in their lives; 56% of white respondents said the same. On the other hand, only 42% of black respondents agreed that America was founded as “an explicitly Christian nation,” while 55% of whites said that it was.

“African Americans, who tend to be more devout in their Christianity, may not connect their religious beliefs to their historical beliefs, or they may see the United States as founded on slavery, which is inherently unchristian. Irrespective, this finding warrants more research,” said poll director Scott Huffmon.

While the above-mentioned results would seem to indicate that – at least in the South – blacks and whites are reading from entirely different scripts and living in completely different worlds, the two races came together on some fundamental questions about certain American standards. Majorities of both blacks and whites agreed that political correctness was becoming a problem and threatening to freedom of expression. Vast majorities (99% of blacks and 97% of whites) said that people of both races should be allowed to live wherever they want. And similar majorities of both races agreed that people of all colors and backgrounds should be treated equally.

As far as we’re concerned, those final answers prove that we can emerge from our current racial divisions unscathed and stronger than ever. It is incumbent on us to fight back against the identity politics (and politicians) that seek to turn us against each other just so Democrats can win elections with false promises and ludicrous claims. It is no more helpful to our country’s future to demonize whites than it ever was to demonize blacks. How seemingly-intelligent, educated people can continually miss this obvious fact is beyond us.

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