President Bill Kristol, Anyone? Yeah, We Didn’t Think So

According to a new report from the Daily Caller, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard is mulling a possible run against President Trump in the 2020 primaries. Kristol, who has been one of the most outspoken and immovable NeverTrump conservatives, has been spotted in New Hampshire in what some believe was a warm-up run for the White House. Asked by the Daily Caller if the rumors of an impending run are true, however, Kristol denied it.

“No plans to run,” he told the site. “But I’m randomly in Boston today, and happen to have had lunch with someone who does a lot of work in New Hampshire. As he’d say, ‘Ya nevah know.’”

Of course, political candidates invariably say they’re not going to run right up until the time they decide to run.

Would Kristol have a shot at defeating—

Sorry, we couldn’t even finish that question without breaking into hysterical laughter.

Neither Bill Kristol nor author Brad Thor nor John Kasich nor Evan McMullin nor Ben Sasse…none of these rumored challengers have the slightest chance of even putting a dent in Trump’s status as the presumptive Republican nominee in 2020. Each of them know it. What running will do, however, is give these men the opportunity to go on television and delight liberal anchors by bashing the president and making it that much harder for Trump to defeat whoever it is the Democrats wind up putting against him in the general election. Oh, and of course, it gives them a golden opportunity to promote their books and their magazines and raise their profiles for a real run in 2024.

The truth is, we just don’t see a place for any viable NeverTrump conservative movement in 2020. The time has passed, if ever there was one. Conservative voters are quite pleased with the way Trump is running the country; if there is any squeamishness about the president’s fidelity to rock-ribbed conservative ideology, it’s more than dwarfed by the tax cuts, the Supreme Court nominees, the repeal of the individual mandate, and the hammer and chisel he’s taken to Obama’s regulatory state.

Donald Trump may not hack it as a writer for the Weekly Standard, but he’s the kind of hard-hitting warrior conservatism has been lacking for far too long. Ideology is secondary to results.

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