President Obama: No One More Qualified Than Hillary

President Obama joined Hillary Clinton in their first campaign event together on Tuesday, praising his former Secretary of State as the clear choice in the November elections. Saying he was “fired up” for her presidency and fawning over her “steady judgment,” Obama made no mention of the federal charges she narrowly escaped earlier that same day.

“I can tell you this, Hillary Clinton has been tested,” Obama said in Charlotte, NC. “There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office.”

Really? Never? No former president? No former candidate? No individual in history, regardless of whether or not they actually ran for president? Hillary Clinton outshines them all? It would be amazing if even Hillary Clinton believes this horsecrap.

“Can I be blunt?” Obama asked at one point. “Hillary’s got her share of critics. That’s what happens when you dedicate yourself to public service over a lifetime.”

True enough, sure. But the fact that Obama has to go out of his way to mention all of that criticism demonstrates how extraordinary it has been. Compare Hillary to any other politician that we’ve known for this long and see how she stacks up. Excluding her husband, can you think of anyone who has been the center of so much controversy, so much scandal, and so many disturbing questions in the last two decades?

Oh, right, Republican witchhunts…conspiracy…blah blah.

For her part, Hillary praised Obama’s “heart, depth, and humility [!!]” and came as close as she’s ever come to telling voters that her presidency would essentially be Barack’s unofficial third term in office.

We’ll see in a few short months if that’s what the American people are looking for.

As surprising as it may be to see Obama’s approval ratings where they are now, you have to remember how much people, on average, seem to dislike the current two contenders. Some of Obama’s popularity stems from being the devil America already knows.

But – hopefully, with a little nudge from Trump and the Republicans – there is still time to remind people that the last eight years have hardly been filled with sunshine and rainbows. There’s still time to remind Americans of how frequently this president tried to expand his constitutional authority. Of how little regard he’s had for our laws or our borders. Of how negligent he has been in the war on terror. Of how pathetically our economy has recovered from the recession.

Maybe then they will realize that nothing should terrify them more than four more years of the same.

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