Professor: No Room for Trump’s Ideas in My Classroom

Gettysburg College professor Kathleen Iannello declared in a op-ed this month that she will not be pressured into giving her political science students an unbiased take on the 2016 election. The avowed liberal says that the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is “truly unthinkable as well as unteachable,” and she’s not going to pretend otherwise for the sake of academics.

“My approach for the fall semester will be boldly honest: It is a disservice to students to attempt to provide balance when I know that balance is an offense to the truth,” wrote Iannello.

The professor goes on to lament Trump’s rhetoric. “His harsh and distasteful commentary regarding religious and ethnic groups, as well as women, only serves as a lightning rod for promoting further hate,” she wrote. “He displays neither a record of public service nor an understanding of the word statesmanship. In the history of our country, it is hard to recall anyone less prepared to take office.”

Yes. Especially difficult to do when you don’t even try, isn’t it?

As always, it’s a breath of fresh air when one of these liberal professors takes their mask off in such a public fashion. As tempting as it is to come down on Professor Iannello here, we should actually applaud her for putting the disguise down for a minute. Academic liberalism thrives precisely because it hides behind a curtain of objectivity; when that curtain falls, students and parents can finally see what they’re getting into.

Contrary to popular opinion, Donald Trump has not divided Americans. His effect has been one of illumination – after 13 months, we have a much better idea of who stands where. Trump’s blunt rhetoric has forced every politically-conscious American to take a side. Whether or not he is victorious in November, Trump has already done this country an invaluable service.

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