Radical Islamist Sends 19 Germans to the Hospital

In an era where we regularly see reports of Islamic radicals killing scores of people in a single shot, a terrorist attack without any deaths can barely capture the headlines. But it’s to our own peril that we ignore the German train attack that sent 19 people to the hospital on Monday night, two of whom were in critical condition.

The attack was reportedly carried out by a 17-year-old Afghani refugee who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he began chopping through passengers on a train heading from Treuchtlingen to Wurzburg. Using what police referred to as “cutting and stabbing weapons,” the teenager left a scene that resembled a “slaughterhouse,” according to one eyewitness.

The teenager was killed by police as he tried to flee the scene.

The Daily Mail reports that the teenager came to Germany as an “unaccompanied minor” two years ago and had applied for permanent asylum in March.

The terrorist may not have embraced the country that took him in, but his final act endeared him to another family: The Islamic State.

“The perpetrator of the stabbing attack in Germany was one of the fighters of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in answer to the calls to target the countries of the coalition fighting the Islamic State,” reported Amaq, the official news agency of ISIS.

The lack of immediate fatalities will keep this latest Islamic terrorist attack off the front pages of the major world newspapers, but this incident should not be ignored. This is a blatant condemnation of Angela Merkel’s open door policy and a direct result of the German government’s reckless approach to Middle Eastern refugees. You simply can’t do what she has done without serious consequences.

But it won’t be power brokers like Merkel who pay the price; it will be ordinary German citizens who trust their elected leaders to guard and protect them. Those citizens have been betrayed by a cabal of liberal elites who learned the wrong lessons from World War II. Scared of the slightest whiff of national patriotism, they are ready to discard centuries of identity…and years of safety.

Germany’s future is bleak under these conditions. But unless we make some big changes in the upcoming election, America may be headed in the same direction.

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