Reminder: Islamophobia is Really, Really Bad, Guys

32 families are still mourning the loved ones they lost in Brussels on March 22nd, but the world’s liberals want us to know that the real threat to modern civilization is not Islamic terrorism – it’s Islamophobia.

“It worries me,” said FBI Director James Comey of anti-Muslim sentiment. “What we tell folks is that if you think something is going on, then tell us. It’s a huge part of our responsibility that we take very seriously–to make sure people aren’t picked on, bullied, harmed, scared or intimidated by virtue of the way they look, where they worship, or how they act.”

One of the FBI’s primary missions is to make sure people aren’t being picked on? No wonder we can’t find these terror cells; our federal agents are patrolling the streets looking for bra-snappers and insult comics. Hell, just protecting Justin Bieber from the internet must cost the Bureau millions of dollars in overtime pay.

Okay, so officials say dumb stuff when they’re asked dumb questions.

A new report from Freedom House is a different story. The human rights organization blames Islamophobia for a decline in democracy across Europe. “The biggest challenge to democracy in Europe is the spread of deeply illiberal politics,” the group said in a press release. To hear them tell it, the Syrian refugee crisis has led to a rise in nationalism and an uptick in anti-Islamic sentiment.

“Claiming that Europe faces a Muslim invasion has become standard fare for a range of politicians and political parties in Europe,” said Freedom House’s Nate Schenkkan. “This kind of speech undermines democracy by rejecting one of its fundamental principles—equality before the law. There is a danger that this kind of hateful, paranoid speech will lead to violence against minorities and refugees.”

This, from the same liberals who support “hate speech” laws that place restrictions on which opinions are legal and which aren’t. But those laws are in no way hurting democracy, at least not according to Freedom House. No, it’s all of that paranoid anti-Islam rhetoric.

When it comes to linguistic weapons, liberals have found a winner in their arsenal of invented phobias. It allows them to skip the tedious work of defending their arguments. Just accuse your opponent of bigotry, dust off your hands, and take the rest of the day off. The problem isn’t the problem – the problem is your problem with the problem! All progress is good. Whatever we think right now is correct.

To believe in that kind of philosophy, you have to be careful. Liberalism is extremely fragile. You have to protect it from harm. Facts, common sense, your moral barometer – these threats can pop the bubble in an instant. It’s best to plug your ears, shut your eyes, and tell yourself that anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi.

It would be hilarious if only their delusions weren’t smashing the western world into oblivion.

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