Rep. Peter King: Why Did Mueller Hide Collusion Truth For So Long?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has tentatively agreed to testify before Congress on May 15, giving Democrats yet another chance to grandstand in front of the American public and pretend as though they didn’t lie to the voters for two straight years.

But if Mueller is going to sit there and answer questions, we have one that we’d like Republicans to ask: Since you almost certainly knew that our president did not conspire with the Russians long before you wrapped up your investigation…why didn’t you come out and say anything? Wouldn’t that have been a valuable piece of information for us to have?

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), in an interview with a New York radio show, had the same question.

“It couldn’t have taken Bob Mueller that long to find out,” he said. “The reports we get are that they knew a year ago there was no collusion. Well, didn’t he have an obligation to tell the ​p​resident of the United States that? To let the world know?​”

King insisted that having this poisonous accusation hanging over the White House hurt President Trump and hindered his ability to negotiate internationally.

“The president has gone off to negotiate with Kim Jong ​U​n. He is involved, obviously, in very sensitive negotiations all the time in the Middle East​,” King said. “To have this cloud hanging over him, with foreign leaders that may think, ​’​Hey, he may be indicted for treason. He may be charged with conspiring with the enemy.​’”​

The congressman said that Mueller owed a debt to both the president and the country, and that by hiding his collusion findings for as long as he did, he hurt both.

“I think that the Mueller people had an obligation to tell the president. To tell the country. To tell the world, that there was no collusion whatsoever as soon as they found out there was none​,” he said. ”You’re talking about, whether you like him or not, he is the leader of the country. The leader of the Free World. And they let ​this hang over him for at least a year​. It was wrong not to make it known.​”​

But of course, that was the whole point. As the kids like to say, it was a feature, not a bug. Mueller’s whole job was to keep this cloud looming over Trump so that Democrats could go out there on TV and pretend as though he might be a secret Russian spy. Once Mueller officially concluded that this was utter nonsense, they could no longer do that. Why take that ammunition away in the fall of 2017 when you can string it out past the midterms?

King is assuming that Mueller and his Merry Band of Angry Democrats had pure motivations. We just don’t see how that’s possible.

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