Report: Broward Elections Supervisor Mixed Bad Ballots in With the Good

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is under fire for her incompetence, and what the Miami Herald reports about her handling of the 2018 midterm ballot review is unlikely to help her fend off that perception. According to the paper, Snipes accidentally mixed rejected ballots in with more than 200 valid ones when presenting them to the county canvassing board for inspection. It should be noted that the only reason she turned any of these ballots over to the board in the first place is because Republican lawyers demanded it. Otherwise, she was just going to handle all of this in-house.

Remind us again why this woman still has a job?

From the Herald:

On Election Day, Broward County collected more than 600 provisional ballots. The vast majority were declared invalid by the county’s canvassing board judges for reasons ranging from registering to vote too late to previously voting to voting at the wrong precinct.

But a couple hundred provisional ballots were held in limbo. Those ballots were the result of a connectivity issue in the system that precincts use to look up voter registrations, said Pat Nesbit, the elections day operations manager for Broward County. Voters would swipe their ID and the precinct system would show they weren’t registered voters. But when staffers called the Broward elections headquarters, the voter’s registration would appear. Precinct workers had those 205 voters fill out provisional ballots.

Okay, so the staffers working the election in Broward have these 205 ballots set aside for further review. They removed them from their envelopes and sent them through a count on a special voting machine. This was all to be done under the supervision of Snipes until Republican attorneys raised hell and demanded that they turn the ballots over to the board. At that time, the board found that there were more than 20 ballots mixed in with the pile that were invalid for one reason or another – in most cases, mis-matched signatures.

So now the whole process is in limbo. What do you do with these ballots that have already been opened and are, thus, no longer anonymous? They’ve already been machine-counted, and at least 20 of them are now known to be illegal. Snipes doesn’t know what to do. The board doesn’t know what to do. It’s a big old mess.

“This process doesn’t exist,” said Florida Republican Party lawyer Leonard Collins. “The process is that the ballots aren’t opened. I would suggest to the board that this process would stop.”

To say that something is fishy in Florida would be to understate the situation considerably. We’re now headed for official recounts statewide. Blame it on widespread incompetence or outright Democrats shenanigans, the fact is that what’s happening in the Sunshine State is a perversion of democracy and a mockery of free and fair elections.


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