Report: Impeachment-Obsessed Billionaire is Running for President

Apparently not satisfied with the lack of progress House Democrats have made in moving forward with impeachment proceedings (and not faithful that a field of 25 Democratic presidential candidates is enough), billionaire investor Tom Steyer is reportedly thinking about throwing his hat into the 2020 ring. According to The Atlantic, Steyer – who has spent the last two years running funds like Need to Impeach aimed at pressuring Democrats towards pushing President Trump out of office – is telling staffers that he’s going ahead with a 2020 presidential campaign.

From The Atlantic:

But don’t take that to the bank yet—Steyer had told people to expect his presidential run in January, and he had even scheduled a trip to Iowa for a kickoff, only to change his mind in the final days before the launch. That resulted in what was perhaps a first in presidential politics: a trip to Iowa to announce he was not running. Instead, Steyer hosted a town hall for his Need to Impeach group, which currently has 8 million members and in the space of two years has become the largest progressive-leaning organization in the country.

The 2020 race has remained alluring, though, especially with accepting that there won’t be an open Democratic race for California governor until 2026, and that he’s unlikely to be the top pick for a California Senate seat. At 62 years old, Steyer knows that the time for him to run is now or never, people who’ve spoken to him tell me.

In case you’re wondering what kind of platform Steyer would bring to an already-overcrowded primary field, fear not: He’s going to run against Trump’s strongest re-election argument. A source tells The Atlantic that Steyer will challenge the president’s claim that the economy is booming under his leadership. That strikes us as a first-class ticket to nowheresville, but he certainly won’t be the only Democrat on stage trying to make that case. As long as there are bums in the streets of San Francisco, we suppose there’s always room for the economy to improve. After all, these Democrats think that the government should be taking care of everyone and their brother to begin with.

One thing is certain: Steyer will feel right at home on the debate stage, bashing his fellow Democrats. That’s what he’s been doing for much of the past year, angry that they won’t hurry up and throw Trump put of office. As recently as May, Steyer paid for an advertisement in which actors told the Democratic Party how badly they’d let down Le Resistance.

“This is a message for leaders of the Democratic Party,” the ad said. “For over two years this president has broken the law and nothing happens. You told us to wait for the Mueller investigation, and when he showed obstruction of justice, nothing happened.”

Alas, with 59% of American voters now opposing impeachment, it’s not clear how that message will help Steyer move to the front of the pack.

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